The Cleveland Indians Baseball Team Has a Brand New Name – And It’s Awful!

Political correctness and cultural Marxism aren’t just leading to statues being torn down. They’re also transforming every other aspect of our lives as well, from education curriculums to movies and sports. 

If you don’t play by the new woke rules, you get canceled. The latest example comes from the Cleveland Indians MLB baseball team, which just recently announced their new name. Apparently “Indians” was offensive to some people, even though many Native Americans expressed pride in the name. Regardless, after the 2021 season, the Cleveland Indians will be officially renamed the Cleveland Guardians. 

Why the ‘Guardians?’

The Guardians is a reference to two large statues on the almost-6,000-foot-long Hope Memorial Bridge that crosses Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River. The two statues of traffic “guardians” are meant to direct traffic and bring “progress” to the city. 

The Guardians name does make sense, but the name also has no ring to it, and the logo looks like complete crap. What was wrong with the Indians? The death of George Floyd last summer made Indians owner Paul Dolan want to change the name in order to bring about a “new era” in the team.

According to Dolan, the new name will “unify our fans” and bring together everyone so that the city can “fight together.” To translate this woke-speak for you, Dolan is basically saying the old name wasn’t leftist enough…and so the American Cultural Revolution marches on. 

Controversy Over Indians Team Name

In the past, a small minority of Native Americans and tribes criticized the team name. They’ve been the Indians for over 100 years now, however. The first signs that Cleveland was going to respond to the small woke mob was when they stopped using the Indian head Chief Wahoo logo on hats and went for a boring “C” instead. 

Now comes the whole new name. 

What’s Next in the Woke Revolution?

This might seem like a small issue but it’s actually very important. We saw the Washington Redskins drop their name over a small woke mob; moreover, you can be sure that the Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Chiefs are going to be under intense pressure going forward as well. 

The big picture here is that long-time American institutions, such as teams, are crumbling under the pressure of the radical left. Word-policing is one of the favorite things that the left likes to do, especially upper-income establishment types who study gender at university and believe there are 33 genders. 

The reason is simple: 

They have a sick and twisted vision of the world that they want to force on all of us. Their vision of the world is basically communism, but even worse than historical communism because it will include the end of the family, all patriotism, and all cultural traditions.