The Clinton Campaign Spied on Trump to Fake the Russia Hoax

For years, the Democrats and media attacked President Trump over Russia. They said he was “colluding” with Vladimir Putin and working with Russian spies to destroy American democracy.

Millions of people were outraged, convinced that Trump was somehow a traitor who worked behind the scenes to hack the elections and spread propaganda made in Russia.  Trump denied all charges, even while the attacks continued during his presidency.

Now a bombshell report from Special Counsel John Durham is blowing Russiagate wide open; what’s coming out is beyond criminal. It’s treasonous in the worst sense of the word.

The Truth About Russiagate

The truth about Russiagate is now coming out.

Trump didn’t “collude” with Russia at all, according to Durham’s report. In fact, the collusion was between Hillary Clinton’s political campaign and spies who worked to falsely build up the narrative that Trump was working with Russia.

It turns out a Clinton-hired lawyer called Michael Sussman was working with Fusion GPS to build up the fake Russia report for the DNC and Clinton.

Clinton and top DNC folks then allegedly paid for actual spying operations to be done on Trump in order to start building up more fake links between him and Russia.

They then fed it to their media partners and spread the lie far and wide that Trump was working with Russian spies.

It Gets Worse

According to Durham’s bombshell report, Sussman was working to get information from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) by using subcontractors from Georgia Tech.

These people worked for Sussman to directly spy on Trump at his home, the White House, and Trump Tower in order to start finding any details or items they could use to build the “narrative” that Trump was a Russian asset.

This is incredibly damaging to the Democrat Party, Clinton, and the left as a whole. This is not just a matter of them making something up.

This is a matter of these treasonous snakes actually working behind the scenes to break national security law and spy on a sitting president in order to falsely accuse him of betraying the United States!

This is about as bad as it gets. This makes Nixon and Watergate look like absolute child’s play. This is raw treason spitting in the face of our nation and our Constitution.

This should lead to people behind bars in the near future.

The Bottom Line

Durham’s report should lead to criminal charges.

This involves breaches of national security to falsely lie about a sitting POTUS. This is treasonous wrongdoing funded by Clinton’s campaign and the Democrats.

The Russia collusion hoax turns out not to have been fake. It was real the whole time, and it was the Democrats doing it.