The Dark Money Funding Top Democrats

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York is the leader of the US Senate. He’s a powerful man, and his words carry weight within the Democrat Party.

Schumer is devious and smart. He knows how to make insider deals, and he knows how to follow orders. Like his boss Joe Biden, Schumer has been on script in recent months about “voting rights” and warning about “dark money.”

In fact, he’s been reinforcing narratives that the American conservative movement is a dangerous insurrection funded by unknown sources of money that “threaten democracy.”

Yet now revelations are coming out about Schumer, and all you can really say is: go look in the mirror!

Schumer Rakes in $92 Million in Dark Money

Dark money works in mysterious ways. It worms its way through shell organizations and Political Action Committees (PACs), trading off funds and dumping them into various accounts.

Schumer has a PAC that’s geared towards keeping control and power in the Senate; another PAC called Majority Forward dumped $92 million into his Senate war chest from unknown sources.

Dark money anyone? That’s the definition of it! It’s money that comes from anonymous or hidden sources. Majority Forward gave this money to Schumer at various critical times, including during the 2020 election to help Democrats boost their power.

Yet Schumer is worried about Republicans and dark money? As I said, he needs to look in the mirror.

A Dark Money Empire

Majority Forward isn’t just some blip on the radar. It’s a money machine that forks over truckloads of cash to Schumer and other Democrats on a regular basis. There are dozens of more powerful, dark money PACs doing the same for the left daily.

As if billionaires like George Soros weren’t already doing enough damage, you have huge PACs like this. When it comes to raw numbers, the facts don’t lie, either.

The top 15 Democrat-aligned PACs spent over $600 million more than the top 15 GOP-aligned PACs. These folks are hauling their butts to spend big and pump money into the left.

They are forking out over $1.5 billion in the 2020 election period, compared to $900 million in untraced money from the GOP side.

Let’s be clear: this dark money isn’t a good thing on the right, either. If somebody’s pulling the strings of your politicians, you have a right to know!

Democrats like Schumer are incredibly hypocritical to go on their self-righteous rants, while simultaneously stuffing their pockets. This guy is a snake of the worst kind.

Enough is Enough

With the upcoming midterms, we all need to remember what we’re dealing with here. Dark money Democrats want to seize power forever and stuff our government with empty suits controlled from behind the scenes.

We need to do our job and elect America First conservatives across the board. No more RINOs or dark money dupes. It’s time for real patriots to get back in government.