The Democrat Party is Handing Out Free Crack Pipes to Black People

Remember when Joe Biden said any black person who doesn’t vote for him “ain’t black?” That’s part of a long history of racist and hate-filled statements the man has made over his career.

One of the big problems with racism isn’t just that it hurts feelings and upsets people; it also leads to discrimination and a distorted worldview.

That’s now coming to the forefront with the latest Democrat policy. The bigotry of low expectations is rearing its racist head once again and making our country a worse place.

Let me explain: the Biden regime is now dealing with the drug crisis by handing out free crack pipes to black people. Yes, this is real news.

Here, Have a Crack Pipe

Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be handing out various drug equipment and “smoking kits” to “underserved” communities across the country, particularly communities of color and Native American communities.

Specifically, $29 million in funding will be available to be applied for by May 15 of this year. This is all part of what Biden is saying is a plan to “reduce harm” in his American Rescue Plan.

This is supposedly going to increase racial equity by giving black communities the equipment and resources they need.

This will supposedly stop overdoses as well and involve handing out clean syringes, along with having more counseling and treatment services in black and BIPOC communities.

The messed up thing about “safe smoking kits” that give black people crack pipes is very obvious: smoking crack isn’t safe! The government shouldn’t be helping people do it, for God’s sake.

What Else is Included?

According to the HHS, kits paid for with the $29 million bonanzas will also include condoms, needles, and pipes to smoke crack, crystal meth, and other drugs.

San Francisco and Seattle already have resources to hand out crack pipes and other drug equipment. However, other places will be jumping at the chance to appease their drug users with free gear.

The black community in America has been hit especially hard by the crack crisis since the 1980s; now, instead of actually helping black people like President Trump, Biden wants to hand them out crack pipes.

You couldn’t make this horrible stuff up if you tried.

Democrat Racism Strikes Again

The Democrats constantly talk about how much they care about minorities, but you only need to look at their policies to see through all the lies. They hand out crack pipes, instead of actual economic policies.

They give affirmative action idiocy, instead of funding actual jobs programs. Democrats stereotype and push a victim mentality in the black community instead of empowering it.

The Democrats don’t want to help black Americans; they want to keep them down.