The Democrats’ War on Christmas

The Democrat Party claims to represent all Americans and stand for working people, minorities, and folks of all faiths.

The sad truth is the Democrat Party is a very fringe organization made up of special interests, extremists, and elites who hate Christianity and America.

I truly mean that.

The War on Christmas

The Democrats love to talk about Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, because they want to erase the Christian, biblical heritage of our country.

There’s no better example than what happened several weeks ago outside Fox News.

A delusional, angry man decided to torch the Fox News Christmas tree, sending it up in flames and endangering hundreds of people. He also destroyed a precious symbol of the birth of Christ and the Christmas season.

If this had been done to a Muslim, Jewish, or Hindu symbol, we would never hear the ever-loving end of it. However, because it was done to a Christian symbol, the Biden regime couldn’t care less.

There is a hate crime if someone who’s non-Christian gets their precious feelings hurt. Yet, if a Christian gets their literal Christmas symbol torched down in public, we get nothing.

Attorney General Merrick Garland can’t hide his yawn and the liberal media couldn’t care less about even mentioning it.

Why Do the Democrats Hate Christmas?

There’s a simple reason the Democrats hate Christmas: because it’s a majority festival and, secondly, because it’s true.

If there are two things the Democrats hate, it’s the majority and the truth. They love to sneak by on their deceptions and narratives while pretending to care about minorities.

They have swallowed critical race theory and cultural Marxism, which says anything which is the majority got there by pushing other people down.

Secondly, Christmas is true, and the Democrats hate the truth. They would rather live in a nation where people worship skin color and swear faith to the United Nations charter on gender.

They dream of a world where we all listen to John Lennon’s awful song “Imagine” and in which there’s “no heaven.”

They dream of a world where they don’t even need to pretend to respect religion anymore and can get on with worshipping their fake version of science, which is actually just extremist left-wing activism.

We have to learn the Democrats are not playing around here. They truly want to strip away all the joy from Christmas and leave it as a rotted husk.

However, there are lots of promising signs on the horizon: look at pothead idiot liberal Seth Rogen and his new film Santa Inc., which is all about how stupid white Christians are.

It’s failing badly and being criticized by everyone who’s seen it, recently scoring the lowest ratings of all time on Rotten Tomatoes. The war on Christmas might still be happening, but the left is losing!