The Democrats Have a Big Crime Problem

VR12 Fresno, Cal. by U.S. Marshals Service is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Democrats may control the government right now, but they’re losing control of the streets.

The encouragement of radical extremists like BLM and Antifa, combined with horrible economic policies and COVID lockdowns, have created a perfect storm for crime.

No matter how much liberals and hashtag activists like to talk about their support for whatever fake issue of the day, nobody likes to get carjacked on their way home or held up at the corner store.

The basic truth is this:

The Democrats have a very big crime problem…and it’s likely to cost them big in the midterm elections. It will also likely have longer term costs in losing the confidence of the American people. 

Crime Scene Tape by Null Value is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What About Law and Order?

There’s a reason that President Trump did his best to make law and order a primary theme of his campaign: people want it. 

They are sick of having their streets and cities overrun by gun-toting thugs and drug-slinging cartels. Many Democrat-run cities are now genuinely dangerous places to be from Minneapolis to New York. 

Red States, meanwhile, are increasingly safe and are having effective policies to combat crime, including opening up right to carry laws and self-defense statues. 

Do Democrats think nobody will notice the pattern? Do they think people won’t keep fleeing blue cities where shootings happen daily? Because newsflash: we all notice the pattern and we’re all leaving their cities. 

The Democrat Murder Wave

Murders were up over 25 percent across the country last year, which is the highest jump in more than five decades. Specific hot zones include LA (up 36%) and New York (up an insane 50%). 

Then you take a look at somewhere like Minneapolis, the place where sainted ex-con and violent felon George Floyd died of a drug overdose after being kneeled on by the idiotic cop Derek Chauvin (who’s been found guilty of manslaughter and murder). 

Minneapolis is a total craphole: murder, robbery, rape, and assault crime is up 25% last year…and up around 60% in the areas around where Floyd died. No justice, no peace? Or just another Democrat-run city in meltdown as cops leave the force because they’re tired of being blamed for doing their damn job. 

Even Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is starting to realize that just talking about how sorry you are about racism isn’t actually a governing strategy. 

He’s demanded that violence stop and criminals be prosecuted…and frankly, he deserves a round of applause for that. 

Admitting that criminals are bad and deserve punishment is a big mental breakthrough for a Democrat to make. 

Frey isn’t exactly typical: he’s in one of the worst-hit cities in the country and he’s seen first-hand that appeasing the mob doesn’t work. 

The Democrat Party as a whole is banking on a simple strategy: let the cities go to hell while continuing to collect fat donor checks and tax everyone to death. 

It’s up to us to let them know we’re not interested in their violent socialist dystopia.