The Federal Government’s TRILLIONS in Wasted Taxpayer Money Uncovered

The past several years have been like the plot of a bad horror movie. The COVID pandemic, the pullout from Afghanistan, rising inflation, and now war in Ukraine were all unnecessary. They didn’t need to happen.

President Trump’s attempt to stand up for America and get our economy on track was derailed by globalist traitors and Deep State denizens.

The true extent of their deeds has now been exposed, and every taxpaying American patriot has a right to be outraged.

What we’re dealing with here is no joke: it’s outright robbery and enslavement of the American people.

Burning Our Money to the Ground

The Federal Reserve prints US federal notes on behalf of the federal government.

It works hand-in-hand with administrations to keep issuing our currency and stabilize it. There are many controversies about the way this is done and how the dollar’s value is maintained.

Though the bottom line is our legal money in this country, the COVID pandemic lockdowns, and federal spending blasted its stability and value to hell.

This was pointed out in an excellent tweet from Errol Webber, a conservative who is going for election to the US Congress to represent California in its 47th district.

Webber may be from a blue state, but he’s not a blue-minded individual. In fact, he sees right through the lies of the left.

As he pointed out in a recent tweet, what’s happened to the American people under the big spending of COVID is outright robbery.

Like Webber says, the federal government issued $12 trillion in spending and gave almost all of it to their friends and donors. We got a small check and were left with runaway inflation and “$7 gas.”

Hard to Argue With That

Webber’s not the only one noticing a real problem going on in America.

In addition to pointing out how little any of us got from the huge socialist spending spree under COVID, he’s also been subject to extreme racist abuse.

Webber is originally from Jamaica and is a black man. This has been enough for many on the left, including black liberals, to unload extremist racist abuse on him for not being a leftist.

Apparently, standing up for basic financial common sense and opposing the growth of government power and socialism in America makes you a bad person?

Looking at some of the messages that Webber receives should give all of us a reality check into the level of hate we are dealing with from some on the left.

These people truly have hate in their hearts and a violent disposition to those who see the world differently than them.

Where Are the Trillions of Dollars?

Here’s the real question: where the hell are the trillions the government spent during COVID? Did it go into a giant incinerator? Or has it all been sent to fund electric vehicle production and pay off Hunter Biden’s whores?

We want some of that money back and we want it now.

It belongs to the American people for the nonsense that our government put us through over the past two years in order to lock us down and close our businesses while saving zero lives from COVID.