The Future of the Conservative Movement in America

When President Trump took over the presidency in 2017, the conservative movement was badly wounded. Years of socialist lies from Barack Obama and RINO mismanagement under George W. Bush left our nation’s right divided, demoralized, and lost.

Trump changed all that. He offered a simple message that brought back our American pride and led us to be number one in the world once again.

He took this country from the edge of a leftist abyss and led us to a bright future of putting America First.

America First (At All Times and In All Ways)

With Trump’s help in getting our Supreme Court full of justices who respect the Constitution, the conservative movement took a big step up. Add to that the record support for our military, our economic development, and you have a recipe for success.

The jealous left and their RINO friends looked on in horror, realizing they were becoming irrelevant and hated. They didn’t want America First; they wanted big-money donors first and a radical left Green New Deal first.

That’s why the Democrats made up a fake Russia collusion hoax. When that didn’t work, they tried to frame Trump for people trespassing into the Capitol building on January 6. They tried to impeach Trump again, unsuccessfully.

By Then, It Didn’t Matter Anymore…

By the time the Democrats tried to impeach Trump a second time for the events of January 6, it no longer mattered to them politically.

They’d already won the 2020 election by illegally colluding with big tech and the media to steal the election, as journalist Mollie Hemingway outlines in her recent book Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections

The important thing to understand about the Democrats is there is no place so low they won’t go there and play around in the mud. Democrats will put people in jail, frame people, and even go down the Clinton’s Vince Foster route when necessary.

The conservative movement took a big hit in 2020 and nobody should doubt that fact. With January 6 protesters still in jail, COVID mandates still killing our businesses, and the FBI putting angry parents on domestic terrorist watchlists, there’s no doubt we have to be smart about just how bad things could get.

We Must Look to the Future

The future of the conservative movement can still be bright. As governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas have shown, we do not have to bend the knee and kiss the ring of the bloated Biden regime.

Conservatives must chart our own path forward, retaking Congress next year. We must also retake the culture, media, and bureaucracy year by year. This way, the deep state and its deep pockets can no longer spread hate, lies, and violence in our nation.

We have a mission; now let’s go get it done.