The Horrible Truth About Illegal Immigrant Murderers Crossing Our Southern Border

From the first moment he shuffled into the Oval Office, Joe Biden betrayed this country and opened our southern border with Mexico.

Spouting all sorts of nonsense words about diversity and tolerance during his campaign, Biden made good on his idiotic statements by canceling the border wall and expanding amnesty as soon as he got a pen in his feeble hand.

This has put our nation in great danger. Border officers are dying of COVID and getting shot at along the border. Meanwhile, our country is also allowing gangsters, rapists, drug dealers, and animals to come in unvetted and live in the United States.

Here are more details…

Horrifying Numbers as Illegal Alien Murderers Allowed into the US

Joe Biden became president in January of this year. From one month after that until now, there have been 23 illegal immigrant murderers found to have come back into the US via Arizona after being deported.

You read that correctly. The state of Arizona discovered 23 murderers were back in the state, due to illegal immigration. Out of 190 illegals caught for reentering the US again after being deported just in February, 151 were found to have been deported after committing a crime unrelated to immigration.

This means theft, murder, drug dealing, and so on. Dangerous criminals who get caught and deported are all reentering the US…and that’s just in the state of Arizona!

Violent gangs like MS13 are as bad as ISIS, yet the Democrats reacted to President Trump calling them animals by saying he was “racist.” Excuse me? Do you want violent animals murdering your family and living next door to you?

These are not human beings; these are demons who have absolutely no place in this country. Yet, Biden’s open door policy is allowing them to sneak back in. It’s letting them get back to their dirty business of flooding our streets with drugs and murdering rivals.


Our Current Illegal Alien Nightmare

This is Joe Biden’s America in 2021. You can illegally immigrate to America, deal drugs, kill people, get arrested, get deported, and then…just come back. Other countries are corrupt and full of payoffs. It’s fairly easy for criminals to escape justice back in Mexico and Central American craphole countries.

So, they get out and then go back over our border. They begin flooding into states like Arizona, California, Texas, and New Mexico and filling our country with filth.

While the treasonous Biden regime focuses on hunting down parents who get angry at school board meetings, we have violent psychopaths holed up around this country who are literally formerly-deported murderers.

You may say this is just the reality of the current situation, but this can’t continue. It’s 100% unacceptable and treasonous. Build the wall now. Secure the border. Stop making excuses. Stop distracting from the issue. It’s time for action.