The IRS is About to Get Even More Intrusive and un-American

W2 by 401(K) 2013 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a nasty organization.

I’m sorry if any of you work there or have family members who do, but I’m just speaking the truth.

Regardless of how you feel about taxes, the IRS is now openly serving the Biden-Harris machine, which is an anti-American regime. 

This makes them twice as bad: not only do they steal money from you for being a productive member of society; they now funnel that money to folks who hate your family and want to open the border, legalize insanely dangerous drugs, murder unborn kids and flood the TV with transgender and LGBT propaganda. 

It gets worse: 

The Biden administration isn’t content with keeping the IRS as it is. The latest budget doesn’t just want to axe most of ICE and push Green Energy socialist crap, it also allocates $80 billion to IRS enforcement. 

Translation: imagine the IRS now, but even more vengeful, dedicated and empowered to extract every last cent from you.

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Taxing the Peasants

You know how revolutions often lead to the exact kind of people who were disposed to regain power? The American Revolution in 1776 was fought to stop unfair taxes and out of touch bureaucrat tyrants from raping colonial settlers who wanted to make a new life. 

Now, the Biden-Harris monarchy is seeking to hit people wherever they can. This comes all while rewarding their rich donor friends, letting Democrat traitors run blue states into the ground and put muzzle masks on the commoners while they eat caviar. 

It’s apparently not enough for these left-wing lunatics to run most small businesses into the ground; they now want to ensure that anyone who actually managed to save or make money during these hard times gets mugged by the IRS.

Case-in-point? Cryptocurrency will now be reported to the IRS, which will also be getting a much better IT system, new armies of auditors, and expanded ability to pry into your private business.

Isn’t that just what America needs right now?

More power for the IRS as the Harris regime gives away money to illegals and pushes Critical Race Theory on all those bad white people who are…paying lots of the taxes paying for their own ethnic group to be called evil.

This whole situation is so, so sick…

Everything is Not OK

In case you think that the IRS is only going to come after you if you’re very wealthy, think again. 

Anyone making over $400,000 is definitely in an especially blazing spotlight, but in order for the Biden-Harris machine to get the money they need for their transformation of America, they’re going to need to go after small businesses and normal people. 

That’s especially true now that their policies have crushed so many wealthy people and taken away their money, making them of much smaller value. 

The IRS and the Biden-Harris bludgeon brigade wants the rest of your cash! They have windmills to build and transgender operations on kids to fund!

Whatever you may think of Senator Ted Cruz, he has a great joke about the IRS that I’ll share with you. 

He often told it on the 2016 campaign trail when explaining his plan to abolish the IRS. 

Here’s the joke: send the 90,000 IRS employees (who are now out of a job after the IRS is abolished) down along the Southern border with Mexico. Illegal immigrants who come and see an army of tax-collecting suits will just turn around and go back.

That may be a joke, but it actually sounds like a pretty great idea.