The Key to President Trump’s Impeachment Defense

Donald Trump in Ottumwa, Iowa by evan.guest is licensed under CC BY 2.0

President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial has a clear defense strategy. They are going to go on the offense.

Instead of allowing the self-righteous Democrats to blast their narrative about Trump as a dangerous authoritarian, Trump’s defense team is going to play clips of Democratic politicians encouraging and stoking violence last year, including calls to specifically physically go after Trump administration officials and police.

Even though the chances of Trump actually being impeached are basically nothing and the trial is a Soviet-style show trial being done to boost CNN‘s ratings, it’s good to know that Trump will be hitting back.

Maybe the Democrats will finally learn that their words have consequences and their lies eventually catch up to them.

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Trump’s Top Lawyer Calls Out Democrats

Trump’s top lawyer Bruce Castor said the Democrats should proceed with caution. He said he’s been reviewing a lot of video and found some very damaging stuff.

“You better be careful what you wish for,” Castor said.

Still, the main strategy for Trump’s defense will simply be to argue that there’s no legal grounds for the Senate to hold an impeachment trial of a private citizen. Since impeachment is reserved for the purposes of removing a president from office, doing it now seems not only counterproductive but completely un-Constitutional.

As Castor points out, according to this logic “they could go back and impeach Abraham Lincoln.”

Don’t give the Democrats any ideas, Bruce. They’re already taking Lincoln’s name off San Francisco schools, so that could easily be their next step.

What is the Prosecution Arguing Against Trump?

The impeachment passed several weeks ago by House Democrats blames Trump for encouraging the violence and rioting that occurred on Jan. 5 at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

As the Senate hears whether or not to impeach Trump, they will hear the Democratic team argue that Trump directly incited violence and gave the “green light” to his supporters to march on and breach the Capitol by using words like “fight” and saying the alternative was no longer having a country.

By trying to use Trump’s generalized words as evidence of a specific call to violence the Democrats have a steep hill to climb, but it’s clear that the main purpose of this impeachment trial is publicity and keeping the anti-Trump fixation going.

This will also serve the purpose of boosting Biden’s approval even as he does an awful job in his first weeks in office and crushes American and industry jobs with his endlessly counterproductive executive orders.

What’s Next?

Some progressives are suggesting that a way around the defense argument that Trump can’t be tried as a private citizen is to ask him if he lost the election. If he says no then they argue he’s voluntarily placing himself under Senate jurisdiction to be tried. It’s an odd argument and joke, but it points to the vindictive nature of the whole proceeding which is designed to humiliate Trump and his supporters and make them feel like bad people who deserve to be punished and publicly shunned.

Far from bringing “unity,” this show trial will be one of the first big events and markers of Biden’s presidency: a testament to the empty rhetoric of intolerant progressives who want to force their distorted worldview on everyone and persecute those who disagree with them.

As Big Tech and Big Government line up against conservatives and Trump supporters it’s a dark moment in American history. Propaganda is at an all-time high and misinformation is everywhere. Hopefully Trump’s defense team can help correct the record, but don’t count on the impeachment trial to be anything but a disturbing joke.