The Leftist Media’s Shameful Lies About the Waukesha Massacre

On Sunday, November 21, a driver slammed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The intentional mass murder killed six people and injured 62 others.

Some of those 62 people are barely clinging to life now, including young children. The suspect is a 39-year-old thug and pedophile called Darrell Brooks, who has expressed hatred for Jews, white people, and Donald Trump.

He has a long rap sheet and should have been in jail at the time the massacre occurred, except he was let out on flimsy progressive bail laws in Milwaukee.

Now, people are dead. However, the leftist politicians and media which created this climate of hate against white people and conservatives are utterly silent.

The Truth About What Happened in Waukesha

What happened in Waukesha is still under investigation. What’s clear at this time is Brooks was caught after intentionally plowing his red SUV through the crowd of innocent people.

He didn’t stop when police tried to jump in front of him and repeatedly yelled for him to stop. He clearly intended to kill people.

He also definitely posted material about his hatred of Jews, his belief black people are superior to everyone else, and his hatred of conservatives and President Trump.

If we lived in a country whose media still cared about the truth, we would be hearing about this every day. What motivated a man to allegedly try to murder hundreds of people during a peaceful Christmas parade?

However, since the media is behind the crusade of racist violence, we won’t hear a peep. Nike won’t be releasing any inspirational ads about how white people are equal to everyone else and how Christmas is a valued part of American life.

That’s because they’re part of those woke corporations and groups spreading the woke hatred that seems to have motivated Brooks into becoming a monster.

Where’s the Outrage?

Where’s the outrage? Somebody who never should have seen the light of day recorded violent rap videos by the same vehicle he then used to crash over human beings on purpose.

Yet, we’re here talking about “white supremacy” and Kyle Rittenhouse? One Democrat operative even said this was “karma.”

Are these leftists out of their minds? Our country has a domestic terrorist insurgency on the left. It’s being actively encouraged by our own president and elements of the leftist media.

In a serious nation, we would be responding by having prosecutions, trials, and investigations into traitors actively trying to encourage the collapse of our nation. This is not a time for jokes or point-scoring.

We legitimately have people who want to bring our country down and are providing cover for the kind of hate that motivated Brooks. This is a red alert situation.