The Left’s Nightmare is Coming True

The 2020 election was a huge disappointment to patriots and conservatives. Watching President Trump be limited to one term by the same people who lied and slandered him for four years was revolting.

Though now the tide is beginning to turn, and it has a very reddish color. In fact, the coming midterms are likely to be the biggest influx of Republicans in decades.

That’s not the only thing that’s got Democrats and progressives ringing the alarm bell. Their fears actually go much deeper than that. Here’s why…

The Left’s Nightmare Scenario

Here is the left’s nightmare, the worst-case scenario: on January 20, 2025, Donald Trump is sworn in as POTUS before cheering crowds with a Republican-dominated Congress more ready than ever to put America first and save this country.

This time around, the left also doesn’t get to complain that the Democrat candidate won the popular vote, because Trump comes in as the people’s champ and dominates the popular vote as well.

Conservatives are feeling very victorious, and have a filibuster-proof dominance in the Senate after years of being raked over the coals by a vicious left.

Laws start coming down the pike that put this country first, secure our border, get our energy industry back on track, and restore honor to our military. We become a real country again.

There’s now nothing left to do, but calm down and start talking to conservatives respectfully and reasonably, instead of gaslighting and viciously lying about them every day.

This is the left’s nightmare, worst-case scenario.

Democrats Are Done

Despite trying to import millions of new dependent voters through our porous southern border, Democrats are not looking at a bright future. Americans are very tired of their propaganda and their constant complaining.

They want real solutions and real answers for this country, and they look back and point out that under Trump, we had real leadership.

Of course, the left says that’s just a talking point, but numbers don’t lie.

The price of gas three years ago and the price of gas today isn’t a conspiracy theory; it’s a fact. Trying to blame it just on the war in eastern Europe is a ridiculous excuse.

The Senate is looking like it’s going to be ravaged by Republicans. Even if Biden wins in 2024, you’re looking at a very conservative future.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to stop playing defense and go on offense. Let’s come together as patriots and decide on our priorities as a nation going forward.

In the coming years, we can hope and pray the attacks and hate of the left cease to have as much influence as they do today.

When that happens, Americans will look to conservative community members and leaders to provide answers, hope, and solutions.

Let’s be ready.