The Left’s War Against Ron DeSantis Just Got Cranked Up Another Notch

Ron DeSantis and former President Trump are currently locked in a war of words. Trump stated DeSantis is “gutless” about not saying whether he’s had the COVID booster.

DeSantis recently fired back that Trump showed poor leadership by letting Fauci push national lockdowns. DeSantis also recently claimed the biggest mistake in Florida was following the Trump-backed lockdowns for a short time.

However, with all this conservative infighting going on, it’s easy to forget there’s still a rabid extreme left. The left hates DeSantis with all its might and is intent on taking him down.

The perfect example comes from Florida Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried, an airheaded, hate-filled bureaucrat who despises DeSantis with all her heart.

You won’t believe the latest accusation she’s made against DeSantis. This is one for the history books.

Fried: DeSantis is Similar to Hitler

Fried will be running to unseat DeSantis in this year’s midterms; she wants people to be as scared of him as possible. After all, he’s done a great job and she needs to come up with some arguments to take him down a notch.

In normal politics, that would mean criticizing his policies and making fair points about how she would run the state differently. However, in the Democrat Party of 2022, it means calling him Hitler. Yes, seriously.

This deranged woman actually said on the leftist NPR that DeSantis is a “dictator” and similar to German tyrant Adolph Hitler in “a lot of ways.”

Fried claims to be a student of Hitler; she pointed in particular to DeSantis’ desire to get the civilian militia Florida State Guard back up and running.

This task force of citizens is just about responding to disasters and helping Floridians, but Fried sees the shadows of Hitler’s SA (Sturmabteilung, stormtroopers) in it.

There are literally already 22 other states that have state guards. However, Fried says DeSantis wants to make everyone afraid and use “fear” to eventually rise up and consolidate control.

What in the world is this woman smoking?

Godwin’s Law

There’s a term called Godwin’s law which says the first person to refer to Hitler and the Nazis in an argument loses. That’s because it’s so easy to make this emotional accusation and feel like you’ve won some moral contest.

Fried is devoutly Jewish and she knows it’s no joke to accuse somebody of being like Hitler. In the NPR interview, she went as far as saying DeSantis is “blaming” certain groups for America’s problems in a similar way to how Hitler blamed the Jews for the problems of Germany in the 1930s.

Although Fried said she doesn’t think DeSantis will reach the “extent” of control Hitler had over Germany, she’s still really concerned and believes he shouldn’t be anywhere near the governor’s chair.

This is really dangerous rhetoric, and Fried knows it. This kind of shameless verbiage from the left shows exactly why they need to be taken very seriously.

They also must be defeated at the ballot box before they can fry our elections and seize a permanent majority.