The Mainstream Media and Biden Admin Has Been Blatantly Lying About What Happened on Jan. 6 at the Capitol Riot

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As if you needed more reason to mistrust the mainstream media, here’s another one to add to the pile.

On January 6, Trump supporters went into the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., angry over what they saw as a stolen election. 

Trump supporter Ashli Babbit was shot dead by a Capitol police officer, another Trump supporter was trampled to death by mistake, and several others died of natural causes.

The media and the Department of Justice told us how Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick died after being viciously attacked with a fire extinguisher by a maddened MAGA lunatic. 

Sicknick’s tragic death was a big part of the narrative about the horrible danger of Trump supporters and their supposedly evil ways. 

The only problem is it was a complete lie and cover-up. Sicknick didn’t die from getting hit with a fire extinguisher at all. 

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The Sicknick Cover-up

The Capitol police, Democrats, Big Tech, the media and the Department of Justice lied about Sicknick’s death, expressing certainty that he’d die after being attacked at the Capitol with a fire extinguisher.

Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said at the time that Sicknick died due to “the injuries he suffered defending the U.S. Capitol.”

At first it was the fire extinguisher then we heard a few weeks ago it was bear spray that he inhaled which killed him. 

We now know that none of this is true.

Early signs of lying? The media was pretty vague about exactly how this happened and the trial against those who participated in riots was stalled on the Sicknick matter because no footage could be found showing any attack.

Sicknick – who was a Trump supporter himself – died from two strokes several days after the incidents at the Capitol, according to the medical examiner. It wasn’t related to what happened, according to the M.E.

The M.E. announced his results on Monday. 

Sicknick Didn’t Die from Being Hit and He Didn’t Die from Bear Spray

According to Medical Examiner Francisco Diaz, the autopsy showed no signs that Sicknick died from being hit or from inhaling bear spray. Signs of either cause of death would have been easily obvious to an experienced medical examiner.

Although Diaz said that Sicknick’s stress from being in the Capitol riots could have made possibly preexisting conditions of danger of blood clotting worse, but the 42-year-old Trump supporter didn’t die in the way the media claimed. 

To recap:

The events of Jan. 6 killed a number of Trump supporters and resulted in zero deaths of anyone. The media’s dangerous and inflammatory lies are just one more example of their relentless quest to divide and stoke conflict in this country. 

They want to demonize and single out conservatives and Trump supporters as they help the Biden Administration create a progressive police state with open borders, high taxes, violent mobs burning down the cities and persecuting Christians (a church was just burned down last night in Minneapolis). 

We are headed into dark times and the media and left-wing politicians are directly to blame. They take everything that happens with conservatives and make it look like conservatives are the worst people who ever lived, while excusing the violent actions and rhetoric of the left at every chance they get. 

The double standards at this point have become more than dishonest: they’ve become extremely dangerous. Not only should people turn off their cable news, they should also turn to alternative news sources such as here at Statesman Post where we are not afraid to say what is actually happening and why.