Marjorie Taylor-Greene: Hated by Establishment Media, Loved by Georgia GOP

2007 Welcome to Georgia by scmikeburton is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t popular with the liberal media or the establishment of her own Republican Party.

You know who she is popular with?

The residents of her home state of Georgia.

At the recent Georgia Republican Party convention on Jekyll Island, the support for her remained high. Party members were not very concerned about her past support of QAnon or comments comparing the COVID vaccine and mask mandates to the Holocaust mentality. 

In fact, once you get outside the media echo chamber and the self-righteous blowhards on TV, regular people and grassroots level conservatives don’t care much about the scandal machine. They enjoy people like MTG for standing up for conservative values. 

Election ’06 by moria is licensed under CC BY 2.0

‘We Love Marjorie’

In a large group of people wearing “We Love Marjorie” pins at the convention, supporters said they don’t care about controversy surrounding MTG. 

Although she didn’t attend the state GOP convention, MTG is obviously boosted by the kind of grassroots support the convention displayed. Her outsider status cements her role as a critic of politics as usual and the establishment. 

Normal voters aren’t concerned about fake controversies or a weird idea or two MTG used to believe. They enjoy her standing up to power, including heckling far-left political figures like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and calling out Congress on its socialist agenda. 

Georgians say that most conservatives really like the job MTG is doing. They aren’t impressed by the party’s leadership like Kevin McCarthy moving to get her off committees and try to strip her of all power. 

‘I Like That She’s Making Waves’

Atlanta politician Joel Allen said he likes “that she’s making waves” but added that MTG could be “a little more controlled.”

Yet, at the end of the day, it’s obvious that these people basically approve of MTG and what she’s doing in Washington. 

This serves as an excellent example of the gulf between media propaganda and reality. 

According to the media, MTG is a crazed conspiracy theorist gun nut who freaks everyone out and has no support. She somehow got into office on a fluke or by gaming the system and is now wreaking havoc with hurtful words, abusive behavior, and an unstable attitude. 

In reality, the Georgia House member is a successful businesswoman with respect for the Second Amendment and deep love for this country. She rode to office on enormous grassroots support and is now bringing her can-do attitude and energy to a useless, much-hated US Congress. 

That doesn’t make her hated. Instead, it makes her loved because she’s standing up to the exact halls of power that the people who elected her are sick and tired of hearing about.