The Media’s COVID Lies Have Ruined Families and Friendships Forever

The Biden regime and worldwide leftist power elite have done their best to push COVID hysteria. They want us to be scared for our lives, locked down, jabbed with vaccines that don’t work, and terrified out of our minds.

They also have zero respect for science or facts, pushing new and contradictory information about the Chinese flu, masks and the vaccine on a daily basis. This has health consequences, including the hundreds of thousands who now haven’t gotten the health treatment they needed for deadly diseases like cancer.

It also has social consequences, for the friendships which have ended due to fights over all the propaganda. A new poll from YouGov shows just how bad this social disaster has actually been.

New Survey Shows Huge Toll of Pandemic on People’s Social Relationships

A new survey from YouGov shows that 20% of Americans have a broken friendship, due to arguments over COVID. The survey was done with over 5,200 people; it asked the question of whether people had lost any friends over disagreements about the Kung flu.

It turns out that many people have unfortunately lost friends over this virus. It’s also worth noting that in addition to the 20% who said they have lost friends, a sizeable 11% said they are not sure yet.

In other words the real number of those who have had serious damage to friendships is closer to one in three. That’s a huge amount of friendships ruined because of this psyop launched on the American people by the globalists.

They aren’t only responsible for the death and economic collapse that’s happening as we move towards a communist future; they’re responsible for destroyed relationships.

Leftists Show Their Dark Hearts

Throughout this pandemic, conservatives and libertarians have been demonized for not immediately believing what the government says. Meanwhile, leftists have lapped up everything CNN spews and then spread their hate over onto us.

We all know which way the wind is blowing and why most of these friendships ended. They ended because someone who cared about facts tried to talk to a liberal.

In case you didn’t realize yet, liberals don’t like facts: they like their precious little emotions and fairytales. They want to remain living in their childish world of black-and-white morality in which COVID is exactly what Fauci says it is and vaccines will save us all. They are idiots.

Moving Into the Globalist Future

The globalists have a plan for the future. They want a small technological elite and starving masses of slaves living in smart, controlled cities. They literally write about their desire to control and regulate us in their white papers and at Davos.

This is no “conspiracy.” Of course, they tell us it’s for our own good that we’ll be tracked, stop eating meat, stop driving gas vehicles and stop being free. However, we have a message for these evil fanatics: stay the hell out of our lives!