The Military’s Woke Obsession is Endangering Our Troops

The military is supposed to have one job, and one job only. Its job is to protect and defend the United States and to carry out the orders of the commander-in-chief.

The military is voluntary because we want only the bravest and the best on the frontlines. There are plenty of reasons to join, but you can bet that everyone who joins up has some big love for America.

The problem is not in our patriotic troops, but in the woke ideology that has been unleashed on them from the top down. Our military is under attack from woke generals, far-left extremists, and fanatical liberals inside the military and US government.

The Woke Attack on Our Military

Many people remember Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and his impassioned defense of teaching critical race theory to those in the service.

He said understanding “white rage” was crucial in order to bring our military up to date and challenge them.

That’s the top soldier in the United States saying that; this should give you a clue as to just how badly this woke rot has infected our military structure.

While Communist China is out training teenagers in military reserves corps on how to do target shooting and basic military maneuvers, our woke cadre of diversity kooks are talking about transgender rights and racial “equity.”

The Department of Defense is full of armchair military folks and bureaucrats who get paid for making our branches have a more difficult life.

It’s important the military has a chain of command and specific procedures. However, using that to push through more diversity and equity nonsense is harming America.

Top DOD Advisor: Going Woke Will Be a ‘Force Multiplier’

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has a lot of voices in his ear telling him what to do. His past efforts to root out Trump supporters under the disguise of getting rid of “white supremacy” mostly went unnoticed.

Now, he has people pushing him to go even further, including top diversity advisor Bishop Garrison. According to Garrison, focusing on “inclusion” and “diversity” will be a “force multiplier” that makes the military stronger.

You can’t blame Garrison for saying this; it’s his job to push diversity projects and focus on controversial issues in the military. In his bio, he describes himself as a nerd and science fiction writer.

That’s modest; he’s also an American hero who served twice in Iraq and was awarded two Bronze Stars and a Combat Action Badge. He deserves our nation’s thanks.

However, that doesn’t mean his diversity focus is what we need right now because woke silliness doesn’t belong in our military and it never will.

Focusing on every different type of person’s feelings and “identity” isn’t a force multiplier. It’s a dividing factor that weakens, confuses, and harms our morale and leads to fewer new recruits joining up.