The New Ministry of Truth is a Nightmare Come True

The Joe Biden government has sometimes seemed like a dystopian horror novel. The far left has gone so far that even many liberals are shocked.

We have a government that failed this nation in every respect, putting America Last whenever possible and feeding our Constitution into an industrial shredder while laughing and clapping.

The latest example comes with the establishment of a Disinformation Governance Board within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

For four years under President Trump, we were told freedom of the press and respect for different views was crucial.

Now, Biden and his crew of radical left extremists are setting up a Ministry of Truth to punish those who disagree with progressives in any way.

What Will the New Department Do?

Details about what the new department will do have been very lacking. Press secretary Jen Psaki hasn’t said. DHS has turned down doing any interviews or releasing information.

What we do know is this board is going to be led by a community theater nut called Nina Jankowicz. She has experience crafting propaganda for foreign governments and wrote a book on why she hates men’s online behavior.

The board is going to be focused on fighting back against “misinformation” from Russia, that much we know; whereas any of us with a memory recall what that means.

We saw President Trump persecuted maniacally for four years for supposed ties to Russia that didn’t exist. We saw America First conservatives accused of supporting Russia for loving America. 

We saw this country’s liberal media turn into screaming demons and claiming that every point of view they disliked, including the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop, was “Russian disinformation.”

As Missouri Senator Josh Hawley said, this “un-American” monstrosity must be “immediately dissolved.”

How Worried Should We Be?

There is good and bad news. The good news is DHS is a very incompetent government department. The bad news is this puts our country in danger and it also makes it more likely DHS will overreact and let Jankowicz run wild.

There’s always time for fake apologies later, but right now, the globalists like Obama, Bill Gates, and George Soros want one simple thing: they want information control.

Whether it’s opposing views on the COVID vaccine, anger at our unstable southern border, or concern about inflation, they want to be able to tell anyone who is upset that if they don’t shut up, they are a Russian agent.

It may sound comical, but it’s actually deeply sinister. Accusing someone of treason is a very serious accusation; telling Americans they are disloyal to this country for loving this country is a sick form of gaslighting.

Austrian psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud called it projection: the administration which has done such grievous harm to our nation now wants to point the finger and says it is us, the patriots, who are truly hurting America.

Don’t believe it for one second.