The New Reality of the COVID Vaccine Mandate

Delta Airlines has a new anti-American policy that’s going into effect on Nov. 1. As of that date, all Delta employees will pay an extra $200 per month to get health coverage if they don’t have the vaccine.

In addition to the unfairness of this, it’s also important because it shows the way that vaccine mandates are going to come to this country. It’s not necessary for the government to impose strict rules and force private companies to have vaccines.

As we saw with Biden recently pressuring private companies to force employees to get vaccines, it’s simply a matter of getting private companies to start punishing their employees and making their lives so difficult that they all start getting the shot.

Is there really any difference between that and a full-on vaccine mandate? So much for freedom…

Airline Industry Vaccine Mandates

Delta is taking this backdoor approach, but other airlines are just taking the direct approach and forcing vaccines. Hawaiian Airlines and United both require all employees to have their COVID shot in order to work for them; although, the mandate has not yet gone into effect.

As for Delta, it’s going to go about this by charging any rebels with the extra $200 per month. Any unvaxxed Delta workers will also have to get weekly testing done for COVID starting in two weeks; they will also have to wear a mask indoors and on flights at all times.

Companies Push Vaccines on Workers

Companies across America are responding to pressure from Biden and the government to get everyone vaccinated. In addition to its $200 surcharge, Delta will not pay any sick leave to unvaxxed employees who get COVID.

Currently around three-quarters of Delta’s 75,000 workers have their COVID shot, so there are still thousands of Delta folks who aren’t vaccinated. Despite the many negative reactions to the vaccine, it was fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday.

This makes it much easier to require the shot and decline any disagreements from people, even based on a religious exemption.

Airlines Suffer

Airlines have been very badly impacted by COVID during this whole pandemic. Now, when people are once again starting to travel in larger numbers, the rapid spread of the Delta variant (and the fact that the vaccine doesn’t work to stop infection) is sinking airline profits once again.

You can’t really blame Delta for trying to push all its employees to get vaxxed for legal and insurance-coverage reasons.

What you can blame for this current situation are two main things:

  1. Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci, and the federal government’s obsessive pressure for everyone to get a shot (with many known serious side effects) that doesn’t stop you from getting COVID
  2. A Democrat government that wants to shut down our economy every month or two when a new variant of COVID comes out.

Enough is enough.