The Only Thing Standing Between America and Marxism

America is not in a good position right now.

Even though we know the future looks bright for the GOP next year, there are deeper problems in our economy and political system with insiders on edge.

For one thing, there’s the awful inflation we’re dealing with. Then, there’s our failing foreign policy, the threat of China, our open border, and the worsening COVID crisis.

Meanwhile, the Biden regime’s response is to focus on the “Build Back Better” agenda and the Great Reset. They claim big spending socialist ideas will save America, even though they go against our founding principles and ideals.

When you put everything together, you end up with a troubling image. There is a group of ideological bedfellows using our nation’s crises to try and put in place a Marxist, socialist system.

The United Soviet States of America (USSA)

If we’re not careful, we could all end up living in the USSA.

We already see an out of control government censoring people online, arresting political prisoners from January 6, and using the media and education system to push through a twisted woke ideology.

The underlying message of the Democrat Party and its liberal media allies is simple: America is evil at heart; the white and black conservatives who built it are the reason for our problems.

They hate patriots; they hate our greatness. Democrats want to take our economy and put it through a giant blender until no private business can survive and prosper without being dependent on government.

The COVID pandemic has been the perfect excuse for the left to start shutting down private businesses and increasing the power of the state. Now, we see just how serious a situation we’re in.

The Last Line of Defense

The last line of defense between the woke left and a USSA is patriots. We still have millions of patriots who remember what America once was and who want to preserve the greatness that still remains.

We have people in red states – and some trapped in blue states – who still value the Second Amendment and the First Amendment; these are flag-waving folks who don’t respect the lies of the Biden regime or his lackey, Anthony Fauci.

We have millions of people who know liberty is more valuable than a nanny state government, and who know endless leftist promises to “fight climate change” and create “social justice” are complete lies.

These kinds of slogans mean only one thing: more power for the left to start transforming this country into a modern Soviet Union. Those of us who are awake are horrified and repulsed by the vision of the left.

We see what it led to in Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Venezuela and Cuba. We don’t want secret police, surveillance, censorship, and political prisons.

We want freedom and the American way!