The Situation in Afghanistan Just Keeps Getting Worse

The Biden regime keeps telling us how the situation in Afghanistan is the best it can be. Yes, there are challenges, but it’s more or less unavoidable and we’ll soon be in the clear. The truth is quite different.

The Taliban have started going around at night murdering and videotaping those who worked with America; the situation outside the Kabul airport is hell on earth. As the British military goes to heroic lengths to rescue citizens, American troops have been ordered to stay put at the airport perimeter.

Horrible things are happening, and most recently a small girl lost her life.

Seven Killed as Crowd Surges

The crowd outside Kabul’s airport has been desperate to get on planes. This includes Americans trying to get through the crowds and Afghans who worked with us in the war on terror. Recently, a huge trample killed at least seven people, including a two-year-old girl who was crushed under the surging people.

Others have died of thirst, heart attacks, and bad injuries from the frantic crowds. Now that the Taliban is done pretending to be nice, there is no exaggeration to say that getting a flight out of Afghanistan could be the difference between a new life of freedom or a bullet in the head.

Afghans know that fully. This is why they are desperate beyond anything most people can imagine. Then there is the issue of Americans trapped behind Taliban lines. We are now hearing stunning reports that this number may be as high as 40,000. Biden claimed to have rescued 13,000 people so far, but it turns out only 2,500 Americans have been rescued, according to more reliable reports.

Under Attack

Planes taking off from Kabul airport even had to start shooting out flares to put off possible thermo-guided missiles being shot at them. The Taliban is very close to the airport and cannot be trusted. They have already been shooting at those trying to leave.

It’s not easy for Americans to get to the airport at all, and Biden’s speech in which he pretended things were fine was a horrific lie.

Red Alert in Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan keeps getting worse. You now have reports of the Taliban’s former enemy ISIS possibly working with them to start targeting our troops and civilians, as well as Afghan civilians.

We cannot afford to accept any more of the Biden administration’s lies. As more Americans try to get to the airport and get out of Afghanistan, it’s time to send in strike teams of special operators.

They can provide overwatch as our citizens and allies escape; they can also shoot down any terrorists who try to get in the way. It’s time to take off the gloves and show what America is made of and what happens when you push us too far.