The Stunning Truth of 40,000 COVID-Infected Illegals Unleashed on America

The Biden regime can’t shut up about COVID. Everything is COVID, COVID, COVID. If you even turn on the news for a single second you can’t stop hearing it, even on Fox. There’s just no end to the propaganda and lies.

Biden claims we all need to get vaxxed to stop COVID, even though the vaccine doesn’t stop COVID. At the same time, they have been forcing our kids to mask and shutting our businesses.

Meanwhile, this despicable and traitorous regime has been allowing illegal immigrants with COVID to pour into the country.

Unfortunately it gets even worse than that, which we know thanks to new revelations from former acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan.

Former Border Patrol Chief Tells All

According to Morgan, a minimum of 40,000 illegal immigrants with COVID were put into various American cities under Biden. Morgan estimates that a total of 270,000 illegals were released into the country since the Biden regime began.

The 40,000 of these who had COVID have helped spread it to every square inch of this country, killing untold thousands of Americans. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo killed thousands by forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients.

Current US President Joe Biden has killed possibly tens of thousands of Americans by forcing our country to take in sick illegals who are spreading diseases.

US Border Patrol alone has lost 32 members to COVID; Morgan says “thousands” more have left the service because they got sick of dealing with COVID-positive migrants. Thanks Biden.

There’s no other way to say it: this is high treason. 

Stopping COVID but Leaving the Border Open?

How can you stop COVID without being serious about securing our borders. As Morgan said, many illegals being released are “not being tested” and with another 213,000 illegals caught on our border just in July, 2021 alone, this issue is more and more crucial to address.

We simply can’t continue to allow this to happen. We are being flooded with sick people breaking the law; yet, all Biden and Fauci can do is scare schoolkids and whine at Americans to get vaxxed.

You couldn’t make up this insane garbage if you tried: this is actually America in 2021.

Catch and Release, COVID Edition

The Biden administration thinks catch and release is a fine idea during COVID with migrants swarming throughout our country with no court date. In fact, only 13% report back to ICE as required.

We’re in the middle of a damn pandemic. Biden says that incoming foreign travelers by air may be required to be vaxxed in the future to enter the US.

Although, if Biden was serious at all, he would start immediately deporting every single person caught trying to enter the country illegally. This is absolutely outrageous.