The Supreme Court is Back in Session and Has a New Justice

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is a crucial institution and it’s set to begin its new session today.

This will be the first convening of the court since the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which occurred in late June of this year.

The public will be able to sit in and watch proceedings as well for the first time since the spring of 2020 when SCOTUS was sealed off for public audiences, due to COVID.

In addition to new matters coming before the highest court of the land, SCOTUS will also have a new composition, as Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (KBJ) dons a robe to join the court for her first day.

What Matters Are Before the Court?

There are various important cases coming before SCOTUS in the new session. These may not generate as many headlines as returning the matter of abortion to the states, but they are still sure to be controversial and garner attention.

In particular, matters involving race relations and racism, LGBT rights, and free speech issues are coming before SCOTUS.

In addition, the Chief Justice of SCOTUS is John Roberts. He was particularly concerned by why the draft opinion overturning Roe was somehow leaked out almost two weeks prior to it actually happening.

Such an unprecedented violation of procedure and serious crime demands answers. Roberts demanded the cause of the leak be investigated. So, we will also be keeping tuned on any developments in that regard.

Without a secure SCOTUS, the third branch of government is under threat; the entire democratic process of the republic comes into question, which is why stopping leaks is so crucial here.


In terms of KBJ, she will also join the court after having already officially joined up, following the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer.

Breyer, a liberal-leaning justice, was replaced by KBJ, fulfilling Biden’s promise to install a black woman in the position. The matter of what a woman is, since that is now up for debate among the Democrat Party, has still been left a mystery.

However, we are to trust Biden, then KBJ is indeed a woman, whatever that might mean according to the 2022 definition.

Conservatives on the court have managed to make strides in protecting the Second Amendment, protecting medical freedom in response to vaccine mandates, and upholding religious freedom.

KJB will most likely back Biden and the left’s view of such issues, but she has still been given a warm welcome by the court. That includes Chief Justice Roberts, who told her that they all hope she has a “happy career” and is fulfilled and supported in her new role.

The Bottom Line

Only 43% of Americans in a new poll say they support SCOTUS. Support is falling, but nonetheless, we can’t forget how important the court is, especially in protecting our liberties and upholding the Constitution.