The Top 5 Liberal Losers of 2021

The American left is like a clown show that turns out to be a horror movie.

At first, you want to laugh out loud, until a pink-haired person with no apparent gender is trying to stab you in the face or throw urine at you.

Then, the laughing stops. You realize this isn’t a joke: this country has a disease. That disease is called liberalism.

Here are the top five disease carriers of 2021 and the top five liberal losers that all of America is laughing at.

The Top Five Liberal Losers of 2021

5. DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas

The head of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is an unintelligent and arrogant liberal who doesn’t deserve his position. This diversity hire clown opened our southern border wide.

He’s let dangerous traffickers have the run of the whole south of our country and allowed illegal immigrant transports to invade our cities and small towns. He’s even presided over Mexican cartels shooting across the border at our patrol agents.

What a loser!

4. Prosecutor Thomas Binger

Thomas Binger is a prosecutor in Kenosha, Wisconsin. As Assistant District Attorney (DA), Binger was in charge of trying to get teenager Kyle Rittenhouse put behind bars earlier this fall. He failed badly.

Binger knows about failing, having made an unsuccessful run as a Democrat in the past. This fool even pointed an AR rifle at the jury to make his closing arguments. He should be disbarred for being the biggest loser in legal history.

3. Milwaukee County District Attorney Joan Chisholm

If you haven’t heard of Joan Chisholm, let me introduce her to you. This liberal clown is responsible for dead kids. She let the bail of accused Waukesha parade massacre psychopath Darrell Brooks be set at only $1,000.

This allowed the jaded career criminal to get back out on the street to murder kids and people celebrating Christmas. This criminal-coddling leftist idiot has blood on her hands. She belongs in jail and the bail should be much higher than $1,000.

2. Liz Cheney

If you haven’t been following the Liz Cheney drama, I envy you. This disgraceful RINO reject has been doing her best to hunt down every last Trump supporter and stick them behind bars. She’s her father’s daughter and has nothing but lies to offer.

As head of the January 6 committee, Cheney is on a one-woman shrew crusade to obsess about that day until the end of time. The Wyoming state GOP already kicked her out of the party; the federal GOP should follow suit and do the same.

1. Kamala Harris

Of course, we have to give the #1 position to Kamala Harris. This idiotic VP has shamed our nation in every way imaginable, embarrassing us on the international stage and serving as a deadweight to the Biden regime.

She is unintelligent and a bully whose own staff are quitting on her in droves. She should resign. What an absolute loser.