The Truth About Biden’s Tax Dodging Corruption

There’s nothing Democrats love more than taxing Americans to death. Joe Biden is continuing the shameful tradition, with the biggest tax hikes in decades, in order to fund a massive bill for childcare and education.

As the power of the central state grows and the socialist agenda moves forward, Biden has the advantage of 99% of the media on his side. He’s also got most governors and state legislatures bullied into submission.

However, new revelations are showing just how corrupt and hypocritical those in charge of us are. In fact, it turns out that Biden owes around $500,000 in back taxes. Maybe he’d better pay up before he starts sending the tax man to knock on our doors…

Biden Emphasizes Paying ‘Fair Share’

Biden has made it clear that raising taxes on the rich is the way he will get his big spending bill passed. Making rich people pay their “fair share” is his strategy.

It’s all part of a $2.1 trillion tax hike from the Democrats. This is what makes the fact that Biden didn’t pay his payroll taxes a few years ago all the more remarkable. After all, payroll taxes are exactly what gets diverted to socialized healthcare programs like Obamacare and Medicare.

These are the programs Biden claims to care so much about. Specifically, it appears Biden made use of a type of corporate structure called an S corporation to dodge taxes on income he made in 2018 and the year before.

Joe and Jill used this special and unfair exemption to get around paying out their proper share of payroll taxes that would have fed into the system they claim to support so strongly.

Congressman Jim Banks Slams Leftist Hypocrisy

Republican Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana has been leading the charge against the Democrats’ hypocrisy on these issues. He slammed Biden and other Democrats for weaseling out of taxes on S corporations and other tricks and then trying to hit Americans with higher taxes.

Far from being the middle class champion he claims to be, Biden is an elitist hypocrite who’s used every trick in the book to dodge paying his fair share. He’s planning to massively expand the IRS, including their ability to spy on your income, but he won’t pay his own taxes to support Medicare.

Although presidential salaries are audited as a matter of official policy, Biden’s past tax returns aren’t under review. The S corporations are now considered “dormant,” according to the IRS.

In other words, Biden appears to have gotten away with this shady tactic for hiding income from being hit by the 3.8% payroll tax.

The Democrats’ Double Standard

All through Congress, the Democrats maintain a strong double standard. High taxes for the “commoners” and no taxes for them.

Even Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was caught insider trading recently on tips from her and faced zero consequences. The next time Biden crows about people paying their “fair share,” he should start with himself.