The Truth About Lockdowns Finally Comes Out

Those of us who have been paying attention know the last few years have been like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone.

We were lied to about the origins of a virus that came out of nowhere, then told the only response was to shut down our societies, stay indoors, and wear cloth masks when we went out.

The talking heads on TV repeated it; staying home and saving lives became the mantra of a generation of braindead conformists. However, those of us who still had basic logic wondered why.

Now, it turns out conservatives and patriots were absolutely correct. Lockdowns didn’t save lives or stop COVID, but don’t believe me; take it from the preeminent medical school in our country, Johns Hopkins University.

JHU: Lockdowns Didn’t Work

According to a prominent research study out of JHU, the lockdowns didn’t save lives. The study looked at Europe and the United States and came to the conclusion lockdowns had “no impact” in saving lives from COVID.

Furthermore, it found “no evidence” that closing down schools, restricting borders, and making rules for how many people could gather together saved lives.

In other words, these respected medical researchers from a university that is not affiliated with a political party found Dr. Fauci and the Democrats were lying through their teeth.

Those of us who had questions right from the start could tell from the beginning something was off about the narrative.

However, now the most respected medical school in the country just confirmed we were right and the blue state bureaucrats were wrong.

Staying at home did nothing. Limiting gatherings did nothing. Shutting down our businesses saved zero lives. Closing our kids’ schools had no impact against COVID.

Are You Angry Yet?

The JHU study found that lockdowns had a “devastating” impact on the economy. It cranked unemployment way up, as well as wife-beating, addiction, political polarization, and growth in illiteracy.

They also found limiting gatherings actually increased the amount of COVID fatalities, because it led people to meet inside small spaces where the virus spread more easily.

If you’re not angry yet, you’re not paying attention.

This study from JHU was done by respected researchers without a political agenda. They looked at the numbers and the underlying data and came to a strong conclusion.

Their very educated conclusion is that America has been lied to. They are correct.

Preference Cascade

When the Soviet Union fell in 1990, some historians refer to it as a preference cascade.

People under the communist regime spent years being lied to by their media and government. This is called preference falsification. They were led to believe their opposition was strange and they were alone.

When the preference cascade happened, they found out they were far from alone. Millions of others felt like them; the Soviet system collapsed under the weight of its own lies.

We are once again in a similar situation.