The US is Currently Getting Beaten by Canada on Deportations

canada flag by Alistair Howard is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Canada is often thought of as America’s polite northern neighbor. They like hockey, maple syrup and put beavers on their money.

But lately Canada’s also been deporting a lot of people. In fact during the pandemic over 12,000 people have been deported from the Great White North. And that’s continuing even now.

Now that Biden’s in office and has promised to suspend all deportations for 100 days, the embarrassing fact has to be admitted that Canada is currently beating the USA in deportations.


Immigration-deportation demonstration by dinaboyer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Canada Kicks Out Illegals

As part of its efforts to stop COVID from spreading, Canada has been cracking down on those who are in the country illegally, booting 12,122 people last year and continuing with more as the new year gets started.

It’s a large rise for Canada and the most in a number of years. In 2019 there were only 1,657 deportations, so the increase is clear. According to Canada’s Border Services Agency (CBSA) the main reason people were deported is “noncompliance.”

What a nice, polite, Canadian word for being an illegal immigrant don’t you think?

Even under liberal blackface Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the deportations have been going on, but meanwhile Biden won’t be doing deportations for his first 100 days.

“Canada has taken the position that nonessential travel is barred yet people are now being removed and there’s no indication that those removals are essential,” said Maureen Silcoff, president of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers.

Canada says deportations are only fair, especially now that air travel is back open and “the removal process includes many checks and balances to ensure that the removal is conducted in a fair and just manner.”

Biden’s Amnesty

As Canada works to apply its federal laws on visiting and migration, the United States is meanwhile breaking its own laws with Biden’s 100 day suspension.

What’s going on with Biden and the suspension? Simple: he’s working to open up America’s borders, take down what was being started on the Mexico wall and get to work building a permanent Democratic majority of dependent migrants from the third world to enable the left-wing takeover of America as they transform it into a failed state.

If Biden really wanted to stop COVID he would start by getting serious about immigration, but everyone knows that if he had been in office when the pandemic started Beijing Biden wouldn’t have shut down travel from China like President Trump did very swiftly.

Being governed by politically correct progressives can cost you your life.

Not only from COVID being spread by illegals as is happening widely in states like California, but also from the numerous criminals and gang members in their ranks such as the animals of MS-13 and other narco-terrorist organizations.

What’s Going On?

The truth is that what’s going on is the American middle class is being squashed. It’s being squashed from above by progressive tech billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos hoovering up all the money and profiting from the lockdowns.

And it’s being squashed by the importation of more poor people – and making more Americans poor – in order to increase desperation and force people to vote for the politicians and political party (Democrats) who will give them the handouts they need to survive.

It’s a sick, sick game and it’s being played with American lives by arrogant progressive elitists who want to harm you and your family for their own bizarre future high-tech agenda all while saying they only want what’s best for you.

It’s time to stop listening to the politicians and start supporting your local community around you and stocking up on supplies. The government won’t be there to help you and even if they were they would only make things worse.