The Washington Post Has Become a Running Joke

The Washington Post is only famous because of its history. The paper once had legendary reporters who broke stories like Watergate and the Pentagon Papers.

The Washington Post used to be a true national news outlet with perspectives ranging across the board and a love for this country at heart.

It is anything but that these days. Instead, it’s become a running joke full of so much fake news it makes the National Enquirer look serious in comparison.

Here’s why the public is increasingly holding up a middle finger to theĀ Washington PostĀ and its crew of fake news fiends.

The WaPo Clown Show

The Jeff Bezos-owned WaPo has become a joke because of what it reports and writes.

Its column writers are all deranged leftists who hate America. Its reports are stacked full of factually untrue reporting trying to push a liberal and leftist agenda.

The examples are almost endless. Just this week alone, it’s had to issue corrections on a number of different news reports.

As for its columnists, you’re looking at people like liberal writers Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin, along with ridiculous liberal apologists like Glenn Kessler. These people are completely controlled by their ideological beliefs and have no ability to provide insight of any worth.

WaPo’s problems this week got downright embarrassing. They started because it tried to run a piece letting Biden off the hook for our inflation crisis and high gas prices.

It got worse when a column they ran from Amber Heard was proven false on three specific issues by the outcome of the trial involving Johnny Depp.

According to the state of California, Heard defamed Depp in at least three instances and then lied about it in WaPo in a piece that was written for her by the ACLU.

Good job picking a winner, guys. They literally printed libelous slander in their paper, but that shouldn’t surprise any of us.

It Gets Even Stupider

The Post also tried to make a recent Tulsa shooting about racism against black people, even though the shooter was black and it had nothing to do with race.

By all reports, so far, it was because he was furious about back pain he still had after his doctor gave him an operation.

Next up, you had longtime WaPo reporter Dave Weigel retract a retweet that joked about women being either bisexual or bipolar.

He immediately said sorry if he’d hurt anyone’s feelings and deleted the retweet in order to be politically correct.

Then, remember Taylor Lorenz and her doxxing of the identity of the owner of Libs of TikTok? Numerous videos of Lorenz whining and crying about people being mean on the internet were used against her in the aftermath and she discredited WaPo even further.

The piece was also littered with lies and incorrect claims.