Woke Leadership of the US Military Has a Surprising New Target

The brave men and women of the US military have a difficult job. They’re our last line of defense against tyranny and evil around the world.

They train hard and follow strict rules in order to serve in our Armed Forces. We all recognize the high standards are there to keep our military battle-ready.

However, the woke ideology infecting our country is also worming its way into our military. Now, led by liberal Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, we are seeing a new target in our military.

Here’s the problem: the new target is not the enemy; it’s our own military!

Let me explain.

Biden Regime Targets the US Military

In addition to obsessing about the ineffective COVID vaccine and pushing it on all soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, the Biden regime has another focus.

You guessed it: white supremacy. Ever since Austin and Biden announced their priority of rooting out white racists, they’ve been hard at work. However, the newest rule has some people raising their eyebrows.

A new report from the Pentagon says the military will look at all new recruits’ tattoos and exclude anyone with “questionable” tattoos that display racist, extremist messages or symbols.

If a guy tries to join the Marines with a large swastika on his chest or the words “kill whitey,” then it makes sense he wouldn’t be selected. Yet, the idea of combing through tattoos to figure out which are extreme is ridiculous.

This is a waste of time when we should be focusing on threats like terrorism and China.

Getting Rid of Extremism?

Austin and woke military leaders claim stricter rules around tattoos will weed out extremists and violent racists. Most likely, it will waste a lot of time.

If you forbid people from joining with “extreme” views, you need to then define what exactly is extreme. Is a Trump or America First tattoo “extreme?” Is a tattoo saying “black pride” extreme?

We need more definitions here, but actually, what we really need is to stop this whole clown show.

If people have obvious racist or violent tattoos, then by all mean, don’t let them join up. However, when we’re combing through tattoos looking for “questionable” symbols, you know we’ve truly joined the idiot brigade.

‘Go woke, go broke’ is a rule we know is true…and trust me, the world is a dangerous place and we cannot afford for our military to go broke!

The Bottom Line

People with giant Nazi symbols or hate tattoos shouldn’t be in our military: fine. We get that, but the idea that our recruits and members should be assessed for “questionable” tattoos is insane.

Our warfighters are tough men and women. If one wants a screaming skull on fire tattooed on their chest, that’s their business.

Is that “extreme?” Here’s a little secret: war and protecting America is “extreme” and it takes “extreme” (in other words, brave) people to do the job.

The Biden regime can’t end soon enough.