The Worst and Best Gas Prices in America

Gas prices have more than tripled since President Trump was in office. As the worst inflation in half a century grips our country, we’ve also seen food prices shoot through the roof.

Joe Biden wants to blame the war between Russia and Ukraine for everything that’s happening.

Yet, anyone who eats food or drives a vehicle knows he’s full of hot air. The fact of the matter is gas prices have already been climbing Mount Everest for the past year.

Here’s a look at the best and worst gas prices in America today.

Let’s Start With the Bad News…

The worst gas prices in America as of today, March 29, are in the state of California, where gas now averages $5.91 per gallon. A year ago, it was approximately half of that.

Here are the other highest states in the union for high gas prices:

  • Nevada: $5.25
  • Hawaii: $5.14
  • Washington, Oregon, Alaska: $4.73
  • Arizona: $4.69
  • Illinois: $4.48
  • Utah: $4.43
  • Idaho: $4.42
  • Florida, Indiana, New Mexico: $4.16

Is There Still Cheap Gas Anywhere in America?

As for cheap gas, that’s no longer on tap in the United States.

However, there are still some states that have managed to keep prices a bit lower than others. The lowest average prices in America, as of March 29, are found in Missouri, which is averaging $3.78 per gallon.

Other states which have slightly less awful gas prices include:

  • Kansas: $3.80
  • Arkansas, Oklahoma: $3.81
  • Maryland: $3.82
  • Nebraska: $3.86
  • Texas: $3.87
  • Iowa: $3.88
  • North Dakota, Mississippi: $3.91
  • Minnesota: $3.92

The Truth About Our Current Situation

The truth about our current situation with gas prices and inflation is this: Joe Biden and his awful administration bears the lion’s share of the blame.

From the day he got in office, Biden has tried to force our country onto ineffective, pie-in-the-sky green energy projects.

He crippled our domestic production and made us reliant on foreign oil dictatorships like Russia and Saudi Arabia once again.

He destroyed and hampered American energy that Trump finally made prosperous and free once again.

While the prices above are average, they take into account the top and bottom prices across a state; they are not reflective of everywhere you’re going to go inside a state.

Indeed, gas prices inside the very blue state of California have reached as high as $10 in some places; prices in states like Missouri and Texas are much lower than listed in some towns and cities.

It all really depends on the daily fluctuations of the market and what some gas chains are able to offer.

One thing which is for sure is it’s hard to see any of this as a mistake.

It appears that Biden and his globalist friends at the World Economic Forum, World Bank, and UN are trying to make America weak and energy-dependent so its people can’t reclaim their independence and strength.