There’s a New Patriot Running for Senate in Arkansas

We have a lot of fakes in Congress on both sides. Think of RINOs like Liz Cheney and sleazy lawyers like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Yet, now and then, someone comes along who’s not just playing a part. A real hero steps up to the plate to serve his country.

I want to draw attention to one man who’s doing just that: US Army veteran and former NFL player Jake Bequette, who is now running for the Senate in Arkansas.

Meet Jake Bequette

Bequette served with the 101 Airborne in Iraq and played on the New England Patriots. That’s a fitting team for him to have suited up for, considering he is also a patriot.

Now, he’s stepping up to the big leagues and trying to head to Washington to drain the swamp. Also, he’s also speaking out boldly in exactly the way our country needs at this time.

Responding to the recent statements of Golden State Warriors owner, tech bro liberal billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya, Bequette said his claim “nobody cares” about China’s genocide of its Uyghur population is “very disgusting.”

While spoiled tech bro immigrants like Palihapitiya were sitting in their California mansions trading stocks and buying sports teams, Bequette was off fighting on foreign shores.

He said he’s sick of people like that in our corporate and sports world who are full of “anti-American” views. As Bequette also points out, it shows the “hypocrisy” of the far-left.

Bequette is absolutely right. The far-left went on and on about loving BLM and caring about minority rights. Palihapitiya himself was a leading donor to Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democrats.

Then, when a real genocide comes along they “don’t care.” These spoiled elites have no place in our country or in our national conversation.

Bequette is Ready to Break the Left

Let’s be clear, what we need now in our Senate is fighters. People like Bequette who aren’t afraid to call out the lies of the left are the next generation of patriots that our country requires.

As Bequette said, corporate America and “big tech elites” are in bed with China and making millions. They are “unpatriotic,” according to Bequette.

He says these people are more interested in getting a “market share” and a foothold in China than they are in fighting for American values. He couldn’t be more right!

With the Beijing Winter Olympics coming up in several weeks and China already threatening athletes to keep their mouths shut while competing, Bequette’s comments couldn’t come at a better time.

As he said, the Biden regime is very weak for not fully boycotting these shameful, genocide-run winter Olympics.

Bequette for Senate

I don’t know about you, but Bequette’s got my vote.

As he said, now is the time for “tremendous leaders” who aren’t afraid to step back in and stop the poisonous, leftist tide sweeping over our sports world and corporate world.