Top Biden Appointee Busted For Ties to Two Communist Chinese Spy Rings

Questions about Joe Biden’s ties to China have been rampant ever since before he took office.

Then, there are the wider accusations against his brother, James Biden, and his son, Hunter, many of whose businesses were linked to suspicious, Chinese-tied companies and individuals.

Communist China is directly backing Russia and undermining US interests around the globe, testing America more and more since the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan.

Now, a shocking revelation shows that Biden has appointed Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked individual Dominic Ng to an important position on behalf of the United States at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC).

Who is Dominic Ng?

Ng is an American financial official who runs the East West Bank, headquartered in California. Ng, 63, was born in Hong Kong, but is a US citizen.

In his role as CEO of East West Bank, he also joined up with an organization called the COEA (China Overseas Exchange Association). The COEA is a known spy ring linked to the CCP and espionage from the Xi Jinping regime.

Ng supposedly left COEA in 2014 because he wasn’t “participating” in their events, according to his bank’s public spokesperson.

The Daily Caller busted this case wide open, exposing that Ng was actually the “executive director” of COEA for four years from 2013 to 2017 and didn’t step down at all, at least not according to records.

Further, Ng headed up the China Overseas Friendship Association (COFA) in the year 2019. COFA is another front association for Chinese spying and espionage.

Why is Biden putting a man who’s worked for two Chinese spy rings in charge of representing America at Asian trade conferences? It seems like a question we all should be asking, and thankfully some of us are!

Republicans Want Answers

Six members of the GOP penned a letter to FBI head Chris Wray yesterday, asking that Ng be investigated for his ties to CCP front groups.

The East West Bank has called these accusations nothing but worthless “conspiracies” and even denied that Ng was heading up COFA, despite records showing he, indeed, was.

Congressman Lance Gooden isn’t buying it and is demanding that Ng be stripped of any official role in US government-related activities and be subject to a full investigation.

It’s no “conspiracy” to say that COFA and COEA are linked to Chinese spying. The CIA has identified both as branches of a larger organization called UFWD that works to spread Chinese influence and positive perceptions, as well as spy in the United States.

A Snake in the Grass

The accusations against Ng are far from just chatter. As a member of COEA, he headed up a 100-person trip to Beijing in 2013 where he met with leading CCP officials like Li Keqiang.

His bank says he wasn’t nearly as involved as the Daily Caller report found, but the facts point in a different direction. An investigation is needed now, as well as into why Biden appointed this man to APEC.