Top Biden Official Goes Full Stalinist

Alejandro Mayorkas is the chief of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He has a serious job, considering how many responsibilities DHS has.

They are responsible for everything from border security to fighting international terrorism and stopping it from coming to our shores. You would hope this Cuban-born diversity hire would take his job seriously.

Though, Mayorkas recently showed his roots a little more than he should have, issuing a ridiculous and chilling statement about his priorities.

The comments came while Mayorkas was delivering remarks at race-baiter leftist Al Sharpton’s conference about fighting racism.

Mayorkas Goes Mental

Speaking to the race-baiting racists at Sharpton’s conference, Mayorkas talked about the challenges facing America. Keep in mind Mayorkas was educated at the University of California at Berkeley.

This is one of the most left-wing universities in America and is now a hotbed of Antifa, Marxism, and hard communism. It’s a place where professors teach that gender isn’t real and white men are the worst thing on the planet.

From Cuba to Berkeley is less of a stretch than many people think. Mayorkas has learned his lesson well, unloading a mouthful of Stalinist insanity at the conference and saying the biggest problem in America today is “white supremacy.”

Yes, this white Cuban-American who lives in a majority-white neighborhood actually said that to a crowd of racial activists.

As our border is swamped by millions of illegal immigrants and the United States faces unimaginable cyber and extremism threats from Russia and other nations, Mayorkas said white racists are the real danger to our nation.

Specifically, he said “hate” is putting our whole country in danger and it’s the number one thing we need to watch out for.

The Brutal Truth

The brutal truth is there is a lot of hate in America on all sides, unfortunately. Though to think that is the main danger we face right now is incredibly absurd and dishonest.

To take just one example of a real problem, look at the expiration of Title 42. During the pandemic, this allowed for illegal aliens to be sent home due to medical safety.

Now, with it expiring, illegal immigrants can come to our country, claim asylum, and immediately begin their new lives. How many of those new lives will include drug dealing, crime, and violence?

More than one or two, that much is certain. Not to mention many of the illegal immigrants are financially indebted to cartel traffickers who will murder their families if they don’t do everything they say.

Though let’s get this straight: according to Mayorkas, that’s less of a problem than a white supremacist who posts mean things online?

The Bottom Line

Our country is currently being led by race-baiting idiots who have no love for America.

If they continue this Stalinist mindset of falsely accusing everyone of vague things like “hate,” we could soon see our remaining rights taken away.