Top Democrats Linked to Chinese Communist Spies in America

The threat from Communist China isn’t being exaggerated. There was the spy balloon in late January to early February of this year, which crossed much of the United States.

Then, there are our universities, institutions, and even the military, which have been infiltrated by China. Recently, two New York residents were arrested for trying to spy for China.

You won’t be surprised to hear they’re connected with top Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and New York Mayor Eric Adams.

Disturbing Ties

Lu Jianwang from the Bronx and Chen Jinping from Manhattan were the two individuals arrested for being tied to Chinese spying efforts in America.

These guys were allegedly running Chinese police stations in New York which were outposts of the CCP to spy on the US and on Chinese citizens who had immigrated to the US.

When the FBI caught these two traitors, they started trying to get rid of evidence proving their spying activities. Video footage shows Lu hanging out with Schumer and Adams at a Democrat fundraiser earlier this year.

Lu is standing right next to Adams and can be seen interacting with Schumer and Adams.

You don’t get to stand next to two of the top Democrats in America if you’re just some random guy. This is extremely disturbing, to say the least.

Schumer and Adams Deny Ties

Schumer and Adams are predictably saying they don’t know who the guy is. The interactions with Lu came at a fundraiser for Fukien American Association. The fundraiser took place on March 18 of this year.

Fukien is one of the provinces in China. Chinese spies like Lu commonly mix into non-profits and community groups to work their way into America and get information and connections.

Here’s the irony:

Either Schumer and Adams are lying and they had some sort of connection to Lu or fundraising link or Schumer and Adams are telling the truth and they’re so clueless they let a Chinese spy hang out with them at a fundraiser.

Both options don’t look very good! We know from state records that Lu has given $32,625 to various politicians in New York including Adams and Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul.

The Bottom Line

The Democrats don’t take the threat from China seriously at all. They are fine taking money from traitors working to undermine US national security.