Top Google Employee Gets Fired For Most Ridiculous Reason Ever

Google is a massive company that dominates the online search engine market. It’s grown enormously since being founded in 1998 and has over 139,000 employees. It regularly cracks more than $200 billion a year in revenue.

Though for such a huge and wealthy company, Google still has serious issues and is hopelessly subservient to the far-left “woke” ideology.

Now, news is emerging of a top male Google employee who was let go for turning down the attempted seduction of a female coworker. Yes, seriously…

What Happened?

According to Olohan, a fellow high-ranking executive by the name of Tiffany Miller hit on him at a party. She reportedly felt him up and tried to seduce him.

Miller, who is Asian, allegedly said she was aware of his attraction to Asian women while touching his body and marveling at his abdominal muscles.

Miller told him her marriage was boring and she wanted more “spice” that maybe he could provide. Olohan, whose wife is Asian, turned down her advances and said no thanks.

The party was a company get-together at the end of 2019 in a trendy restaurant in Manhattan, and the incident was initially dismissed by Olohan.

Most people were drinking a lot and he didn’t want to make it a big issue; plus Miller had a reputation for doing things like this. Nonetheless, he did tell HR about what happened so it would be on the record and left it at that.

Olohan figured it was over. He’d turned down a coworker who he didn’t want to sleep with and stayed loyal to his wife.

Then All Hell Broke Loose…

As far as Miller was concerned, the issue was far from over. She didn’t take the rejection well and started lodging all sorts of complaints against Olohan, saying he was doing “microaggressions” against her.

Complaints about how Olohan would criticize people who walked slowly had him labeled as “ableist” and he was pegged as “non-inclusive” overall.

Miller even reportedly shouted at him at another event at the end of 2021 in front of many other employees and in April 2022. She faced zero consequences.

The basic message was clear: Miller was going to punish and bully Olohan because he hadn’t slept with her.

Then, Miller got more and more pressure from leadership. They said there were too many “white guys” on his staff and made him fire a man to hire a woman instead.

Then, in July of 2022, Google terminated Olohan, saying he was non-inclusive for liking some employees more than others in their work performance. His 16-year career was at an end.

Olohan’s Files Lawsuit

Olohan now has a lawsuit against Miller and Google, saying they discriminated against him and created a “hostile” situation at work.

Miller’s spokesman said Olohan is a liar and “disgruntled ex-employee” who made everything up, insisting Miller never behaved inappropriately towards him in any way.