Top Republican Exposes the IRS’ Anti-Conservative Agenda

It’s no secret that America’s bureaucratic agencies lean left.

The “Deep State” as President Trump called it, is full of committed Democrats and political activists who barely even bother to disguise it.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the perfect example. Taxation itself runs against the founding principles of our country; it’s no surprise the IRS ends up getting a lot of leftists in its ranks.

We saw how the IRS was exposed for targeting conservative and Tea Party organizations under President Barack Obama, and nobody was truly surprised. Illegal action against conservatives on behalf of the federal government is far from something new!

Though the situation at the IRS is getting even worse, and they are now pursuing an even more dangerous agenda against patriots that’s just been blown wide open.

Confidential Leak Shows IRS Agenda

We all know that one of the main goals of the IRS and their Democrat backers is to hike taxes on America’s wealthy. We can’t go a day without hearing how our rich aren’t “paying their share” and similar pathetic socialist rhetoric.

The truth, of course, is that our bloated welfare state and runaway inflation is the reason we are entering a crisis, not “the rich.” The second fact is the left keeps changing the goalposts for what is defined by rich so they can start gutting the upper-middle class.

The left’s partner in gutting our successful citizens is the mainstream media, whose members enjoy spreading hate and misinformation about the rich.

Recently, liberal outlet ProPublica leaked various confidential tax records from the IRS.

The timing is interesting because these documents trying to show tax breaks for wealthy Americans came out right last summer when Joe Biden and his Democrat Party were hyper-focused on hiking taxes for the rich.

IRS Denies All Accusations

Accusations from people such as Ohio Representative Jim Jordan are causing concern at the IRS. The agency categorically denies the leaks came from them; although the source of the leaks is still under investigation.

Ten months into this clown investigation, nothing has been turned up. Though of course, the IRS wouldn’t want people to think it has employees who intentionally leak to the media to support political agendas.

The idea the IRS has airtight security and could never have a leak such as this is beyond credibility. One rogue employee can do a lot of damage; even the NSA was vulnerable as we saw with rogue worker Edward Snowden.

The Bottom Line

The IRS needs to be massively downsized, if not abolished, as people like former Rep. Ron Paul have demanded.

Agencies like this are not upholding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Their massive size and political activism go against our Constitution and founding principles.