Top US Official Weighs In on Taiwan’s Independence

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is going ahead, despite Chinese threats.

The island nation split off from China when the mainland was burned to the ground and seized by communists in 1949, installing fanatical ideologue Mao Zedong in power.

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The US has been clear it supports democratic Taiwan and regards it as a legitimate power within the structure of a “One China” policy.

Though the visit by Pelosi has some questioning whether that has now changed. Does the US support Taiwan’s independence and back Taiwan’s claim that it is the true Republic of China, rather than the Chinese Communist Party-run nation on the mainland?

National Security Council representative Rear Admiral John Kirby (Ret’d) weighed in on this question, which comes at a very sensitive time.

Does the US Support Taiwanese Independence?

Speaking to the press, Kirby explained the US does “not” support Taiwan’s independence and remains committed to a One China concept.

Kirby is basically babysitting press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre because she is completely over her head in this disastrous administration after being shoehorned in following Jen Psaki.

The poor lady barely knows what’s going on as her boss helps collapse the world and she’s expected to justify it.

Well, Kirby is a smart man and he knows how to say the right thing. However, China’s threats to attack Pelosi and her entourage can’t just be put off so easily by a promise from him.

They are doing snap drills and moving all sorts of fortified positions into line as Pelosi arrives now. Many of us also remember in February when Kirby stood up there and said Russia would probably invade Ukraine, but there wasn’t a lot we could do.

At that time, he looked a bit like a mix between a surgeon telling you your leg may need to be amputated and an insurance salesman trying to sell you insurance for it first.

This is not exactly comforting to hear Kirby try to pull the brakes on this runaway train this time around either.

We have to be fully honest: the world is on the brink of unimaginably dire conflict right now that could go in almost any direction and spin out of control very, very rapidly.

‘Nothing Has Changed’

Kirby emphasized nothing changed and the US is not shifting anything with this visit.

However, evidence has emerged that Biden and his inner circle tried to kneecap the trip in the first place, on the advice of it being a risky idea from the military top brass.

Clearly, many of the top military commanders in this country felt it was not a good idea. Kirby’s promise that tensions in the Taiwan Strait are likely to be resolved “peacefully” is not as reassuring as it should be.

China is furious and they’re not just pretending.

They are obsessed with Taiwan and “liberating” it from western influence. They seem fully willing to “liberate” souls from bodies if it comes to that and they send warships and troops into the small nation.

Kirby’s reassurances here are very underwhelming. His reference to the “One China” rhetoric rings very hollowly.

It’s not even clear what exactly that means since it basically entails supporting Taiwan, but not so much that it goes directly against China. In other words, it basically means nothing.

Tough times ahead. Brace yourself.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.