Top US Officials to Meet with Chinese Government Next Week in Alaska

Chinese Flags by Fuzzy Gerdes is licensed under CC BY 2.0

American and Chinese officials will meet next week in Alaska to discuss critical issues between the two countries.

US Secretary of State Antonty Blinken along with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan will meet up with China’s top diplomatic official Yang Jiechi and with Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The meeting is set to take place March 18 and 19.

In particular Blinken and Sullivan hope to let China know their concerns over its actions including in the treatment of Hong Kong, aggression on Taiwan and de facto brutal economic embargoes it’s placed on Australia.

COVID-19 will also reportedly be a topic that’s discussed at the high-level meeting.

The President of The People’s Republic of China visits UK Parliament by UK Parliament is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Calling out China on Anti-American Economic Policies

In addition, Blinken and Sullivan plan to bring up China’s harmful economic policies, stealing of American technology and human rights abuses in the Xinjiang region against the Uighur people.

China has regularly undermined American interests and subverted its technology, including with dominating in semiconductor production.

America standing up for Australia will also be an important part of the meeting, considering that China has put tariffs of over 200% on Australian wine and has bullied Australia for not falling into line and for demanding that an investigation be made into how China let COVID-19 start.

That’s a question everyone – including the US – should be asking every day and demanding answers to from China every day and every time any Chinese official shows their face on the world stage.

By standing together with allies, the Biden Administration hopes to try a new way forward to pressure China and change its behavior. Biden will be holding an online meeting later this week with the so-called “Quad” (US, Australia, Japan, India) who are regarded as a core alliance to stop Chinese aggression and expansionism.

The Quad also wants to work to ramp up vaccine manufacturing in India and then distribution so that they can dominate in various Asian countries before China uses its vaccine to get more influence and involvement across Asia.

US Geopolitical Priority: Asia

Despite the Biden family ties to China, it’s good to see that his administration appears to be taking the threat at least a bit seriously so far and making China a geopolitical priority.

Before heading to the meeting in Alaska on Friday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Blinken will be touching down in Japan and South Korea where they will be meeting with the governments there who recently agreed to host more American troops.

This is a positive development, since maintaining a strong US troop presence in Asia is necessary as a bulwark against Chinese aggression and bullying in the Asian sphere.

Chinese-American relations have been strained over the past years, but it’s clear that China is hoping Blinken will be softer on them than former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In a two-hour call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping held last month, Biden reportedly brought up climate, COVID-19 and trade. According to POTUS, “I told him I will work with China when it benefits the American people.”

Whether or not this is true, the good news is that Americans are starting to realize the threat that China poses, with over one-third saying that the Communist juggernaut is now the biggest threat on the globe. As for Russia and other countries which progressives have tried to focus on, perception of them as a major threat has declined. The growing public belief is that if America is going to deploy troops and have a stronger troop presence then it should be in Asia, not the Middle East.