Tragic Family Situation Surrounding Elon Musk’s Trans Kid

Elon Musk is a billionaire tech entrepreneur who’s known for heading up Tesla and SpaceX.

He’s a brilliant mind and an ambitious man whose attempt to buy Twitter is also currently underway, as are many other projects.

In his personal life, Musk has been less blessed, with three divorces, nine children, and a very difficult situation with one of his children.

As Musk is now revealing, his 18-year-old son (“daughter”) has been stolen from him by cultural Marxists who twisted his child’s mind.

‘Full-On Communism’

Musk’s child from his first wife, Justine, is transgender and disowned their dad. According to Musk, “neo-Marxists” twisted his son’s mind at her school and filled his mind with dangerous gender ideology.

He said “full-on communism” turned his son against him and made him want to separate any association with Musk. According to Justine, Musk is “patriarchal” and hard to be around, but he denies all such accusations, saying the woke ideology is his enemy.

Musk made headlines two years ago prior to his separation from Grimes when he said “pronouns suck.” The bizarre singer publicly attacked him on the platform saying he should delete the comment and pleading with him not to be full of “hate.”

Musk said he “supports” trans, but has some reservations about the ideology. In response to criticism, he points out Tesla’s high LGBT-friendly rating.

Inside the Mind of Musk

Musk is a liberal guy and has been an ongoing champion of free speech, staying mostly on the sidelines of social issues.

He doesn’t like how the woke ideology is strict about policing words and emotions and has spoken out about it frequently.

He also indicated he plans to vote for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in 2024, if DeSantis runs for POTUS. This is a big change for Musk, considering he’s only voted Democrat in the past.

The father of nine is not afraid to go against the grain and even warned that population decline is the biggest threat facing humanity, in contrast to many progressive narratives.

As he pointed out, many populations are reaching their apex and beginning to decline. The population is exponential, not linear, meaning in 100 years, we could have a serious lack of people on this planet, especially considering plummeting fertility rates.

According to a California court, Musk’s son is now “legally” a female and has changed their name to a female name, as well as obtained a new certificate of birth.

This is Musk’s child with Justine Wilson, a far-left Canadian author who has done nothing but trash talk Musk and try to assassinate his character since they divorced in 2008.

The Bottom Line

Musk has some strange ideas such as “neuralink” and creating robots. Let’s make no mistake: he’s one of the good guys and he’s trying to stand up to a world that’s increasingly full of literally insane people.