Trans Teacher Threatens To Kill Students

The growing threat of trans-terrorism is something we all need to be paying attention to and protecting against.

When mentally ill people are incited to violence by the media and sympathized with, it creates a cycle of violence and danger.

The latest example comes out of Hernando County, Florida, where a trans middle school teacher planned to kill himself and his students.

What Happened?

Alexander Renczkowski is a middle school teacher at Fox Chapel Middle School in Spring Hill, Florida. He is a transgender individual who goes by the name “Ashlee” and identifies as a woman.

Last month, Renczkowski admitted to others at the school that he was thinking “bad” things, feeling like he might commit suicide and kill some of his students while he was at it.

This was reported already on March 24 by Fox Chapel’s student counselor and assistant principal, who told the district.

The school district looked into it and concluded Renczkowski’s comments were “troubling,” but seemed to be just a result of his exhaustion with student behavior.

Authorities searched his home and found three guns and a lot of ammo, but Renczkowski was allowed right back into the classroom with zero consequences.

Here’s the kicker: the parents were never told about this threat or that Renczkowski was teaching their kids after talking about a suicide-murder shooting.

Why Was This Allowed to Happen?

According to the district, Renczkowski didn’t meet the bar for being institutionalized by force under the Baker Act.

The Baker Act allows somebody to be put under mental health treatment against their will if they are a harm to others or themselves.

What could be more potentially harmful than threatening to kill yourself and your students? This case eventually reached the local media, which is why parents are only finding out now.

This is utterly shameful and shows the kind of cover that school districts are giving to trans individuals. It is putting our kids in danger. It is an insane outrage that Renczkowski is still teaching anywhere in America today.