Transportation Chief Pete Buttigieg Wants To Shell Out Big Money For Gender Diversity in Crash Test Dummies

Former South Bend, Indiana mayor and failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is doing a terrible job.

Under his leadership, the airline industry is experiencing constant delays and issues, American ports had massive backups, and trains of toxic chemicals keep spilling all over the place.

Yet instead of focusing on just doing a better job in his role as Transportation Secretary, Buttigieg has other priorities.

He’s now asking for big money to fund female crash test dummies so there can be “gender equity” in car crash testing. Yes, seriously.

$20 Million For Female Dummies

Now, according to the Democrats, biological men who say they are women become women. Yet, dummies shaped like biological men are not the same as dummies with the hip and other proportions of dummies shaped like women.

Buttigieg wants $20 million for next year’s fiscal budget to be used for the size of “small adult” women to test their safety in crashes.

Politicians are praising him, such as Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut who said this would be “critical funding” that could make sure women’s safety in crashes is researched equally to men’s.

What Else Would the Money Be For?

The money would also make vehicles more accessible to disabled people and study how to keep pedestrians safer. The truth is that women actually are more at risk than men in car crashes and have a 73% higher probability of being hurt in a car accident.

The main reason for this is women have wider pelvises, broader hips, and tend to sit closer to the steering wheel when driving. The result is closer and more vulnerable body mass areas that are injured in a car wreck.

Sweden made female crash test dummies last year to test out vehicle safety for women, and now Buttigieg is taking a page from their book.

Equity Everywhere

Recently, you may have noticed the term “equity” is popping up a lot. Equity means forcing equality by any means necessary, including spending huge money.

If women are more in danger in vehicles, due to their body shape and composition, will new women-only vehicles be developed to ensure they’re only hurt at the same rate as men?

Last year, Biden regime members put forward over 300 equity actions.

The Department of Transport (DOT) has a $145.3 billion budget, so this is just a drop in the bucket, but it provides a window into the kind of priorities this administration currently has.