True Cost of Vaccine Mandate Revealed

New York City is a blue city in a blue state. It has some of the toughest COVID restrictions in the country. This includes the fact that anyone over 12-years-old needs to show proof of COVID vaccination to go inside restaurants and non-essential businesses.

People like Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio said this is necessary to keep New Yorkers safe from COVID. Restaurant owners say it’s killing their business.

‘Massive’ Decline in Business Since Vaccine Mandate

O’Donoghue’s Pub used to be doing great business every night, especially on Fridays and weekends. It’s now had a “massive” decline in business since the vaccine mandate, according to the owner.

The owner also says they’ve even had to have delays in rent because of how badly things are going. Specifically, the owner says their weekly profits are down 50% and sometimes 60%.

He’s also had to shell out more money to pay a door-checker to ensure everyone entering has their shots, which also cut into the business’s bottom line. The 20 workers who do have a job with O’Donoghue’s are now in danger of termination, thanks to this law.

O’Donoghue’s has no interest in the vaccine mandate, but has to do it as the price of operating in New York City. People who don’t have the vaccine and get turned away take it very personally.

This is part of what’s led to folks not wanting to come back and telling others to stay away. However, all non-essential businesses are now required by law to check vaccine proof.

Other New York Restaurants Weigh In

The owner of the Brooklyn Chop House, meanwhile, said his business is down by 50% at the once super popular restaurant. He thinks unless the government intervenes with relief money, the whole industry will crash.

Likewise, the owner of The Counter restaurant says her business is going to shut down if the vaccine mandate continues. Calling de Blasio a “jerk,” she said the vaccine mandate makes no sense and is discriminatory.

There’s no doubt this rule is taking a very heavy toll on the hospitality and restaurant industry in NY.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is this: the COVID vaccine mandates are killing New York. Plus, they don’t even work. As we’ve seen in Florida (which has no mask mandate or vaccine mandate), cases of COVID are plummeting.

Businesses are doing fine and the economy is growing. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis did what was necessary to protect his state from anti-business legislation and they’re doing great.

However, in blue states like New York, the globalist mentality is encroaching on everything. Businesses that woke up thinking they were in America are now finding they’re in some kind of bizarre nanny state in North Korea.