True Impact of Biden’s Afghanistan Pullout Hits US Military

Joe Biden’s shameful pull out of Afghanistan in August of 2021 will always be a stain on this nation’s honor.

Whether or not you agree with the initial decision to go into Afghanistan after 9/11, once we were there, we had a mission. Our brave troops fought, suffered, died, and were thousands of miles from their family in order to do that mission.

President Trump promised they could finally come home. Though he made that promise conditional on huge crackdowns on the Taliban if they tried to make a comeback.

He also had plans to get all our troops, equipment, and allies completely out of the warzone and ensure the Afghanis would survive the pullout.

Biden didn’t care. He wanted to score political points and forget about the problem.

Despite being warned the Afghanistan government was unstable and its airforce was not in fighting condition, Biden ordered America out.

The consequences were an even bigger disaster than many of us realize.

Biden’s Horrible Pullout

He emptied the country of our troops in a matter of days, even evacuating our crucial presence at Bagram airbase before all our troops and allies were out.

We all know what happened next, including the horrific bombing and murder of 13 of our troops as they guarded the airport in Kabul. Thousands of Americans and allies were trapped behind enemy lines as the Taliban rapidly took back over.

What’s also just now coming out is also how much money and military equipment Biden gifted to the psychotic terrorists.

It turns out we left over $7 billion in military equipment behind in Afghanistan that is now being used by Taliban killers. How could we have done such a thing?

First of all, Biden shouldn’t have pulled the plug on a country that couldn’t defend itself.

Secondly, how could he do that while leaving $923 million in airplanes scattered around for the Taliban to seize? It’s unbelievable. Biden left 78 aircraft there with values of this or higher. Each. 

It Gets More Bizarre

According to the US military, all the expensive aircraft abandoned there were “rendered inoperable” before leaving. Who thinks the Taliban can’t get help from Iran or China to make them operational again?

As for more? We’re talking around 10,000 surface-to-air missiles, 40,000 military vehicles including 12,000 humvees, 300,000 firearms, massive piles of comms gear, 42,000 night vision goggles, and huge amounts of explosives and other military equipment.

How can Biden sleep at night, knowing he put huge piles of equipment into the hands of people who kill those who oppose their government?

How is it possible we pulled out of a two-decade warzone without evacuating equipment worth literally billions of dollars?

This all could have been rapidly withdrawn to neighboring allied countries. It didn’t need to stay in the middle of a hostile warzone once our troops left.