Trump Attacks Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in Surprising Turn of Events

President Trump has been clear about his position on the COVID vaccines. He strongly supports them and is proud of his work in fast-forwarding the research and approval process during Operation Warp Speed.

This government-backed project encouraged leading pharmaceutical companies to come up with a preventive vaccine for COVID as soon as possible. Firms like Moderna and Pfizer did so; although they now admit their shots don’t help against omicron and other forms of COVID.

Still, Trump is a firm backer of the vaccines and has publicly stated several times he’s had his booster shot. Meanwhile, he’s not very happy with those who avoid talking about the vaccine.

His latest target is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump vs. DeSantis?

Trump and DeSantis are the two leaders of the conservative movement; many people are hoping they will run together in 2024. This would be a powerhouse team with the ability to tack back America from the grasp of the far left.

However, that’s looking increasingly unlikely, especially after the latest turn of events. Trump said he’s sick of “gutless” politicians who will not say whether or not they got their booster.

Trump made the comments in an interview with OANN. He was referring to DeSantis, who declined to comment on whether or not he’s had his COVID booster shot.

Trump said he doesn’t like to see people dodge the question, since they should be proud to take a vaccine that Trump claims “saved” millions of lives worldwide.

We all know that Trump doesn’t do things by mistake. So why is he attacking DeSantis here?

Is There a Method to the Madness?

Trump is testing reactions by saying this about DeSantis.

He is also taking a beginning punch because he knows the Florida governor is very popular. Trump wants to see how much damage he can do and whether or not he gets backlash for his comments.

The truth is Trump wants to test how much his base is loyal to him or loyal to their principles. However, if he continues on with these kinds of statements, he just might find out.

My personal view is the America First movement is about more than just Donald Trump. He led this country into a restoration in 2016, but it was the people behind him (not just Trump) who made it happen.

The MAGA movement is about more than Trump; people like Ron DeSantis represent the best of it.

Of course, we love our president, but if he wants to play games taking shots at DeSantis and others, he’s going to find it really doesn’t go anymore.

We’re not interested in a Republican civil war just to stroke Trump’s ego. Let’s see how things continue to shake out.