Trump Has Rallies Coming Up in a State Near You

Trump MAGA rally in Houston, Texas by The Epoch Times is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Former President Donald Trump is back with a vengeance.

New MAGA rallies are headed your way, and many people are now wondering whether one of them will also be the launchpad for a 2024 run for POTUS.

Trump said in a recent interview with OANN that he’ll be holding rallies in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio. Later, the former president said that specific announcements about these rallies will happen in the next week or so; although, the Florida and Ohio rallies are likely to come first.

President Donald Trump inside the Congress Center in Davos during the WEF Annual Meeting 18 by World Economic Forum is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Want to Watch 45 Own the Libs Hard?

Trump is expected to have a minimum of two rallies coming up next month, and a third on Independence Day. 

Since leaving office the President has been fairly quiet, launching his blog and sometimes giving time to conservative media shows like OANN and others. 

He talked at CPAC in February and he will talk at a GOP conference in North Carolina in several weeks; more or less, though, Trump has focused on his plans privately, meeting with conservative insiders and allowing the country to see the incredible disaster that we’ve unleashed in the form of President Joe Biden. 

It’s not yet been announced whether Trump will run again in 2024, but these public rallies will be a big step back into the ring for the MAGA movement. 

The liberal media has been working non-stop with the government to try to create a narrative about what happened on Jan. 6. This comes in spite of the fact that everyone who died that day was a Trump supporter, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick (who died several days later of a medical condition despite the media’s months of intentional lies saying he was killed by MAGA rioters).

Sicknick was also a Trump supporter, something you won’t hear the disgusting lying mainstream media admitting anytime soon. 

Get Ready for MAGA 2.0!

Those who want to get out and see 45 back in top form will have many chances as he starts these rallies up again.

We all know Trump absolutely loves his fans and supporters and they energize him; therefore, there’s a good chance he’ll have so much fun and enjoy the media limelight so much that he’ll start making more appearances.

Is anyone else dusting off their red cap and getting ready to rock once again? Let’s get back to those good old times and watch Trump own the pathetic libs who are ruining this country. 

I’ll see you all at the Trump show!

As for 2024?

“I’m gonna make a decision at the right time,” Trump said, adding “I’ll let you know.”