Trump Hasn’t Forgotten About January 6 Victim Ashli Babbitt

Ashli Babbitt is an Air Force vet and American hero who went to the US Capitol on January 6 to make her voice heard about election interference. She believed in America and our Constitution; she believed our government should abide by the same rules as the people.

She was unarmed and part of a group that entered the Capitol. Yet, that didn’t stop police from shooting her dead in the hallways of the building. It was a gross injustice which nobody has ever paid for.

Conservatives have been clear Babbitt’s murder was wrong and unnecessary. Her family has also been committed to speaking up about the tragedy and injustice of what happened.

Recently, they celebrated what would have been Babbitt’s 36th birthday and found out she has an even bigger supporter than they ever imagined.

Happy Birthday, Ashli

As Babbitt’s family gathered to remember the daughter they lost far too soon, they received a very special and heartfelt video message from President Trump himself. He took time out of his busy schedule to send a video where he remembers her as a “hero” and vows justice for what was done to her.

The video was shown at a memorial celebration for Babbitt being held by her family; many people came to remember this special young woman and to talk about justice for what happened to her.

As Trump said, Babbitt is never gone from our “hearts” and, as a 14-year veteran, she was also a military hero. She deserves to be remembered for everything she did for this country and justice must be served.

Leftists watching Trump’s speech were flabbergasted, with liberal clown Ron Filipkowski, for example, calling it “unbelievable.” How is honoring a hero who was killed unjustly “unbelievable,” Ron?

Trump Mourns the ‘Horrible Day’ Babbitt Died

Mourning the “horrible day” Babbitt died, Trump said she will always live on in our memory and we must not give up demanding justice. The cop who shot Babbitt is a man called Michael Byrd.

Byrd was found to have acted within the law because he claimed he thought Babbitt, or those with her, could pose a danger to members of Congress. In particular, Byrd claims he was yelling as loud as he could for all the protesters to “get back!” and they weren’t listening.

They continued to be in the area near the Speaker’s Lobby where members of Congress were trying to get away. At that point, Byrd says he felt he had to shoot Babbitt when she tried to get through to the Speaker’s Lobby.

This may sound OK to liberals who hate Trump and conservatives, but to us it just sounds like a poor excuse for murdering an unarmed person.

The left also claimed Trump is standing up for a “terrorist” by sending the birthday message. There’s just no place left for the hate of the left anymore in this country.