Trump Hits Back at Biden Over His Insane January 6 Speech

President Trump took more heat in office than any leader in American history. He was accused of an endless list of lies, including working for Russia and being a racist.

All the lies from the left stacked up and added up to exactly zero. Two tries to impeach Trump were completely unsuccessful.

However, the left never apologized for lying about him, and they just doubled down. Following the January 6 riots, they carefully started building a propaganda campaign against the America First movement and Trump.

They said he’s a “traitor” and, in comments made yesterday, Biden said Trump is obsessed with “power” and tried to destroy democracy for his own gain on January 6.

Well, Trump didn’t take this lying down as you can imagine. He hit right back twice as hard!

Trump Slams Biden’s January 6 Lies

Trump hit right back at Biden for his self-righteous web of lies. As Trump said, Biden wants to “divide” us even more and is using propaganda to cover for his own failures.

Biden hasn’t accomplished anything of what he promised when he took office; all he’s done is blame Trump for everything that’s not good in the country, including COVID.

According to Biden, Trump spread lies about last year’s election in order to try to keep power. However, as Trump pointed out, maybe Biden should be focused on what’s currently going on, instead of playing cheap political games with someone who’s not even in the Oval Office anymore.

Specifically, Trump pointed to the following issues that need to be addressed by Biden:

  • Our open borders
  • The horrible and “rampant” inflation destroying our economy
  • Woke ideology and poor leadership harming our military
  • Record high COVID deaths and ineffective vaccines
  • Giving away our energy production ability to Middle East dictatorships

Trump is right as usual.

Biden needs to start focusing on what’s important. So far, he’s been batting a perfect record for failure after failure. Maybe he should start caring more about America and less about blaming MAGA for his own failures.

Trump Goes Further

Trump went further, saying he wants to know why the mainstream media hasn’t reported on why the National Guard was told to stand down on January 6.

In another statement put out on January 6, he accused Biden again of stealing the election and trying to cover up his crime. Trump referred to many lies that were told about him and Russia for four years, pointing to it as evidence of the left’s malicious nature.

It is true the mainstream leftist media never apologized for intentionally spreading misinformation about Trump for four years. They just went right on to the next narrative about the January 6 “insurrection.”

Let’s Get Real

The left invaded the Capitol numerous times, including when the Women’s March publicly occupied the Hart Senate building and when leftists attacked the White House.

Where is the outrage over this?