Trump Issues Statement on Cuban Freedom Protests

The people of Cuba have had their fill of socialism and they don’t want any more. Protests over the weekend led to police and Army firing on protesters and smashing them over the head as they demanded freedom. 

Here in America, we heard nothing from the traitorous Democrat Party or their supposed chief Joe Biden.

However, numerous Republicans and Cuban Americans, from Marco Rubio to Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeannette Nuñez, voiced their strong support for the people of Cuba. 

Now we can add President Trump’s name to that list. 

Here’s the Thing About Trump

The thing about Trump is that he cares what’s right or wrong, but he also cares about strength. Remember on the campaign and during his presidency? 

Part of why people found him refreshing was he called it like he saw it. 

When a foreign leader – even a bad one – was strong or impressive, Trump said so. The liberal media went nuts, but his point was clear: strength matters. 

That’s part of why Trump is now throwing his full weight behind the protesters in Cuba: they’re brave as hell. 

Imagine getting out in the streets and waving American flags when you could literally be killed for it on the spot. 

In his statement Trump expressed that he stands with the “Cuban people 100%” and said he admires how “THEY ARE NOT AFRAID!” Trump added that their government has to “let them speak and be free!”

As for Biden? Trump is sick of his lack of action and called on Biden to “stand up” against Cuba’s evil communist dictatorship. 

What’s Happening With the Protests?

At this point, protests are mostly stopped as the government crackdown has intensified and forced people into hiding. 

Trump had strong sanctions on Cuba, which Biden rolled back. If pulling sanctions helped the people, then why are they starved of medicine and food and swarming government offices demanding an end to the tyranny?

Going soft on sanctions just puts more money in the hands of the communist murderers who run the country. 

Let me say it plainly: Cuba needs freedom and Cuba deserves freedom. 

Trump Doctrine vs. the Biden Barf Bag

The Trump doctrine was clear: toughness and sticking to your guns. 

The Biden barf bag isn’t even a clear doctrine: it’s just doing whatever seems easiest at any given moment and then complaining when it goes wrong. 

Trump put back very strong sanctions and an embargo on Cuba in 2017, instead of Obama (who preferred to go take photos in Cuba in front of murals and let the communists walk all over the United States). 

It’s time for every patriot to get behind the freedom protesters of Cuba. These people have been through decades of dictatorship and they deserve much better. 

They need to know America is fully behind them, even if the Democrats want to stay silent.