Trump Lets Loose on Leftist Losers in Epic Phone Call

President Trump isn’t allowed on any social media platform, but he can still pick up a phone. That’s what he did recently in an epic call to the conservative media outlet The Federalist.

Trump called up Federalist co-founder Sean Davis; he then let loose about the horrible failures of the leftists currently occupying our White House.

He pulled no punches and spared no sensitive feelings; Trump was unchained and it’s beautiful. This is the man who millions of Americans voted for and would vote for again.

Trump was unfiltered, honest, hilarious and full of love for America. No wonder he makes the libs cry so much.

What Did Trump Say in the Call?

In the call, Trump sounded off on exactly why our country is currently in the mess it’s in. He didn’t just stick to Democrats, either.

Mitch McConnell got a rough treatment, as did Joint Chief Chairman Mark “White Rage” Milley, George W. Bush (Globalist George), and our senile President Joe Biden, who Trump called an utter “disgrace.”

Calling out Biden’s horrible “incompetence,” Trump also lit into George W. Bush for his recent statements comparing Jan. 6 protesters to al Qaeda.

According to Trump, Bush should shut his mouth, considering he stuck us in unwinnable Middle Eastern wars for two decades.

As Trump noted, Bush’s wars have left the whole region “in worse shape” and he’s to blame for his poor leadership and lies.

It’s hard to argue with that. You certainly can’t blame our troops; they did their job, but the half-cocked nation-building mission they were given was developed by a bunch of liberal internationalists and globalists under Bush.

Good on Trump for giving them the verbal beatdown they so richly deserve.

Trump Takes on Woke General Milley

Trump also went after Milley for his lies and treachery, including the recent revelations that Milley went behind Trump’s back to make a deal with China.

As Trump said, Milley is just a “television general,” and he’s bad at his job. Where’s the lie? As Trump noted, Milley has been a horrible “disaster” for the Biden regime and is a “weak-kneed” fake.

As we all saw, Milley is very concerned with his image and maintaining his liberal credentials. He clashed multiple times with Trump during his time in the White House.

Milley even undermined Trump by calling China to leak America’s battle plans in the event of a military clash. Good on Trump for calling out this weak traitor.

Mocking Media Lies

In addition, Trump also went after our treasonous mainstream media, calling out their pathetic lies and propaganda.

Our media has shown beyond any shadow of a doubt whose side they are on: the side of the leftist establishment that hates real America with a burning passion.

Trump is on our side. Let’s hope he runs again in 2024.